ROH Continues To Play Up Matt Hardy's WWE Invasion

ROH Continues To Play Up Matt Hardy's WWE Invasion
With Matt Hardy set to make his Ring Of Honor debut this Saturday in Woodbridge, CT, is continuing to play up Matt Hardy's "invasion" of WWE and plugging of ROH on WWE programming.

One of the most recent updates, "It is clear that Hardy has entered the WWE system to try to destroy it," indicates that ROH is also pushing Matt Hardy's invasion as, at least, a partial shoot.

Many insiders will look carefully to the crowd reaction for Matt Hardy's debut. Prior to signing with WWE, it was a virtual certainty that, due to his newfound Internet favoritism, Hardy would have gotten a major face pop at the show. But, now that he's officially back with the number one promotion, there is definitely a question as to how the "smart" fans at the show will react.

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