Bret Hart On Byte This Recap: Farewell Speech, Vince, More

Bret Hart On Byte This Recap: Farewell Speech, Vince, More
Recap of Bret Hart on's Byte This Hosted by: Todd Grisham Date: November 16, 2005 Recap by: Adam Martin of

Todd Grisham welcomes Bret Hart to the show.

Grisham brings up Eddie Guerrero's passing. Bret calls it a real shame. He said Eddie was a special one kind of a guy. Bret said he lived up to what everyone said about him. He said he was a warm, kind, human being and that it was a shame he passed away.

Bret on his new DVD release:

Bret said judged on the people he has shown it to, they have been happy with it. Called it a first rate production. Bret was happy with the production people that worked with him.

Said the DVD was talked about for a long time. Bret said the concept was first a video years ago with Vince McMahon. Said he heard about the original DVD and he called Vince to take it in a different direction. Bret said they were able to focus more on the positive instead of the negative. Said he always wanted to be remembered for what he contributed to the WWE and Vince agreed as well. Bret said he always wanted to give back to the fans.

On his relationship with Vince McMahon:

Bret said there were always going to be some concerns. He said they have a good dialogue between each other and that Vince bent over backwards to see that things were right with the DVD.

How his health is right now:

Bret said his health is good, but he won't ever get back in the ring again. Said he didn't leave on the terms he wanted to with the concussion. Bret said he was as proud of his first match as he was with his last match. Glad the fans didn't get to see him hanging on too long as other older wrestlers do.

What it was like for him to watch his first ever pro wrestling match that is featured on the new WWE DVD:

Bret said it was important to him that the DVD didn't just include his WWE and WCW footage. Said he had a great career working for his father and it is a shame they couldn't pick up other overseas footage in Japan or Germany. Bret said his days in Stampede Wrestling were as good as his days on top in WWE. He said when people watch the footage of his early days in Stampede, he was only wrestling for about three months. Bret said it was a very physical style they worked in Stampede. He said he loves to see how fans get into that old footage that they might not have seen before.

How he got into pro wrestling:

Bret said he was never forced into wrestling, but more coaxed into amatuer wrestling. He said he would have rather played football or hockey instead. Bret said his father wanted all of his sons to at least take a shot at wrestling.

On getting to go overseas to promote the DVD:

He said if he goes to Germany, it would be special since he had an amazing fan following there. Bret said he always had a strong following in the U.K. and noted that his match with British Bulldog was his favorite.

The Hart Foundation and teaming with Jim Neidhart:

He said he defined himself when he teamed with Jim Neidhart as the Hart Foundation tag team. Bret said they are still very close friends. He brought up that Jim go to see the DVD and was impressed with it. Bret noted that he wanted Jim to play a strong role in the DVD. He said there might not have been a Bret Hart without Jim Neidhart. Bret said it took him a while to find his footing as a guy on the mic and noted that Jim helped.

If he still watches WWE & who he likes:

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