Bret Hart On Byte This Recap: Farewell Speech, Vince, More

Said he is a fan of Kurt Angle and a throwback to the kind of wrestling he likes. Bret said he would have loved to have wrestled with Eddie Guerrero. He mentioned Chris Benoit and that you could have woken him up at 4 in the morning to wrestle him at anytime. Bret said he is a big fan of Rey Mysterio's work in the ring. He adds guys like Batista and jokes that they would all look good in the Sharpshooter.

On being around wrestling as a young kid:

Said he watched and studied wrestling since the age of 5 until he laced up his boots. Pat O'Connor, Harley Race, Bruno Sammartino and others were mentioned. He said he had a great opportunity and joked that if he worked as hard on his math as he did at studying wrestling than he might have had a different profession.

** They air a classic promo where Bret gives his famous sunglasses to a young kid. Clips from the DVD were shown of people commenting on his career such as Chris Benoit. The clips highlight his relationship with his fans. **

When he started wearing his famous sunglasses:

Bret said he gave his last pair away. Started wearing them in some interviews. Noted that the more interviews you were given, the more up the ladder you got. Bret said he was never a good interviewer and had to learn how to relax. He said when they asked him to do the interview, he did it and when they played it back they noticed his eyes darting back and forth. When they asked him to do it again, he said "one second" and came back with some sunglasses. Bret said he was terrified, but you couldn't tell when he wore the sunglasses. He said down the line he slowly got his confidence back and let himself go with interviews. Todd Grisham brings up a story about how Batista locked up when he was interviewed for the first time by a TV crew. Bret said he would always pick a great wrestler over a good interview.

Caller asks what he has been doing since he left wrestling and if he would ever return to Pittsburgh, PA:

Bret said he doesn't know, but would like to return to Pittsburgh. He said he always liked Pittsburgh and that it had a lot of similarities to Canada. Bret said he is mostly living his life up in Canada and doing some traveling. Said he tries not to be a slave to hotels anymore.

Another caller asks if he would like to be a manager in WWE for any younger guys coming up:

Bret said he thinks about it, but that he always wanted to be remembered as a great wrestler and not a referee or manager. He said he could probably find a way to make himself useful in wrestling, but feels he has done enough. Bret said he was famous for being a great wrestler and wants to be known for that.

Todd Grisham asks Bret if he watches any guys on WWE TV today and screams at the TV that they are doing something wrong:

Bret said he would like to teach some guys how to put on the Sharpshooter.

Another caller asks if he could have a match with anybody right now, who would it be?

Bret said he would like to have one last match with Kurt Angle, but doesn't see himself ever returning to the ring ever. He said he would like to work with some of the young guys like John Cena and Batista. Bret said he was good at wrestling guys bigger or smaller than him, but was more comfortable with guys at the same size as him like Curt Hennig or British Bulldog.

Todd Grisham asks if anyone can do the Sharpshooter right?

Bret said guys like Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle can do it, but the other guys he sees can't do it right.

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