Bret Hart On Byte This Recap: Farewell Speech, Vince, More

How he got the "excellence of execution" nickname:

Gorilla Monsoon.

On where he got "the best there is, was and ever will be" line from:

Bret said he got it from the movie The Natural (1984 film starring Robert Redford) and was more of a filler to use for his mic time. He noted they used it early on in the Hart Foundation. He said some guys fish for something to close a promo with and that was it for him.

His WrestleMania 13 match with Steve Austin:

He said more people come up to him in the last 10 years to tell him that was there favorite match. Bret said it was a classic confrontation between a good guy and bad guy. He said they worked hard together to make their storyline credible.

Word Association:

The Dungeon: Torture chamer.

The British Bulldog: Miss him.

Steve Austin: Great adversary.

Ribbing: Owen.

The Road: Suitcases.

Other people using the Sharpshooter: Not the excellence of execution.

Eric Bischoff: Sweethart, good guy.

Hart Foundation: Greatest tag team there ever was.

Bruno Sammartino: First class champion.

Stu Hart: Stretcher.

"Superstar" Billy Graham: One of a kind.

Dirtsheets: Legitimate history.

WrestleMania: SuperBowl.

The Hitman term: Bret Hart I guess.

Hart Family: Still standing.

Kurt Angle: Best there is. Not yet the best there is, was and ever will be.

Another caller asks if Bret would be willing to do a farewell speech on WWE TV:

Bret said he doesn't know, it is a thought. Bret said it would be very emotional for him to take that kind of step. He said when he had his stroke, it affected him in the sense that he thinks it might be quite overwhelming to walk out in front of a huge wrestling crowd and take a few minutes to say what he would like to say. Bret said he isn't sure if it will ever happen and that it gives him mixed emotions when he thinks about doing it.

If he misses the spotlight:

Bret said he misses the cities, fans and performers. He said he doesn't miss the spotlight. Bret said he doesn't look back on his career as unfinished. He said he pretty much accomplished everything there was to accomplish. Bret said he liked that he left with his head up in a sense and that he gave his all in his first match. He said he didn't have many bad matches and didn't "hang on" too long. Bret said he was still wrestling good when he wrestled Goldberg. He said it was funny how he left both the WWE and WCW as World Champion and never got the chance to drop the title or pass the torch to somebody. Bret said he always found himself in a difficult situation.

On the famous kick from Bill Goldberg in WCW:

He said sometimes when you watch the footage, it looks like he hit the top of his head. Bret said in reality he hit the back of his head and up. Said it was such a powerful quick that he compared it to a horse kicking someone in a barn. He said it is a shame because if you see the footage, he almost gets his hand up to block it, but missed it. Bret said unfortunately it was just one of those things that happened and wished he could go back and do it again sometimes. He said he learned a lot about concussions after that and how severe they can be. Bret said he is living proof of what they can do to your emotions, memory and headaches. Said it was the worst injury he ever had to deal with.

Who is best opponent ever was:

Bret said he had a lot of great opponents and wished he could have wrestled Steve Austin a few more times. He added the same for The Undertaker, noting he enjoyed every match he had with 'Taker. Bret said the name that comes off the top of his head was Curt Hennig. He said Curt was great at taking care of you in the ring. Bret said a lot of things can happen in a wrestling ring and that things don't always go the way they are suppose to. He said Curt was the kind of guy who could catch you if you dove off the top rope and you knew he would protect you.

In closing, Bret said he would never be anything without the fans. He said he hopes they like the DVD and that he is proud of it. Bret said the whole DVD was a tribute to them. Todd Grisham reads down some upcoming Bret Hart appearances in Wayne, NJ, Cambridge, MA and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bret said his recent appearances have been great and that many fans have expressed to them how much his career meant to him. (

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