WWE RAW Results (12/19/05): A Salute To The Troops!

WWE RAW Results (12/19/05): A Salute To The Troops!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results Date: Monday, December 19th, 2005 Location: Overseas in Afghanistan Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWEs Tribute to the Troops opened up with footage of the soldiers welcoming WWE RAW and charging the camera before we go into a video package. Joey Styles then welcomed us to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan and then the music of Vince McMahon hit as he made his way towards the ring. Vince got on the mic and said the WWE is here in Afghanistan, and they are here to entertain and spread some Christmas cheer. He said Santa Claus himself will make his very first world tour stop right here in Bagram Air Base. He said Santa doesnt understand what to give certain individuals for a Christmas present. He doesnt know what to give the negative media types back home, who have forgotten the troops. He said their story is a beautiful story, with a happy ending. Its a story of duty, honor and sacrifice to your Nation, but more importantly, its a story of accomplishment. Wherever in the world, the men and women in the Armed Forces get the job done. He says the media types should stop telling their storys and start telling theirs. He said as for what Santa should give to the elite members of the media, he suggests Santa give them a nice big bag on Reindeer poop. He says they are here to tell their story, and say thank you, and let you know America supports you! The troops chanted USA, USA, and then McMahon introduced Lilian Garcia to the ring. Lilian and Vince embraced and then Vince said ATTENTION! and Lilian sang the National Anthem. The troops heavily chanted USA as we went to commercial.


We are shown footage of the RAW crew stopping off in Germany on their way to Afghanistan and meeting some of the Troops over there. We are then shown the Big Show talking about the troops, and Triple H meeting an injured soldier, with news headlines praising WWE for their efforts spliced in. Art Myers, the Director of Entertainment for the Troops talks about getting so many e-mails asking when WWE are coming back to entertain the troops.

Referee: Michael Chioda Carlito vs. The Big Show

The music of Carlito hit in the desert as he made his way to the ring, and hell be facing the Big Show!

The match:

Show cornered Carlito and then Carlito unloaded with right hand but Show shoved him off, and then to the outside. Show went to bring Carlito back in, but Carlito raked the eyes and then went to work on Show. Carlito went up top and dived off, but Show caught him by the throat and then nailed the chokeslam for the win!

Winner - The Big Show

The Aftermath:

Show high fived the troops at ringside, and he looks to be having the time of his life here in Afghanistan.

Land Mines:

A video was shown of the mine fields in Afghanistan, and when their jumpers landed in 2001, there was six to eight million land mines in the area. This year there are four million left. Sgt. Robert Boyce showed us around the place, and pictures were shown of troops clearing mines from the base. Another soldier shows us the different types of mines, and they then blew up a bunch of mines with C4. They went into the bunkers, and then they blew up the mines.

In the ring:

The Coach is in the ring and he introduces Santa Claus. Santa made his way down, but he was tall and wasnt wearing the traditional red outfit. Coach asked him for his message for the troops, and Santa said he has known Vince McMahon since he was a little evil boy, and while he has grown up to be a good supporter of the troops, he has to disagree with him about one thing. Mr. McMahon said the world has forgotten about our troops, well Santa Claus says who cares. There may be some brave people here, but this place, if it was any better, would suck. He said a person of his distinction came here and had to use a porta-potty. He said there was no Dom Perignon for his Reindeer, and they should rename it Rehabistan. He said he has flown over all of this world, and he knows bad people when he sees them. He said this year, Santa Claus is cancelling Christmas, New Years, St. Patricks Day, Groundhog Dog, Oktoberfest, there will be no more holidays. He said he is cancelling their leave and to show him some respect. Its obviously JBL by the way. He says he hopes they have a rotten Christmas&and then more Santa music played and out came another Santa in a red suit. Coach says he is a little confused and there cant be two Santas here at the same time. The real Santa says he will be packing his sleigh and delivering to all these men and women in Afghanistan. JBL said the other ho, ho, hos around here are the Divas. The red Santa said he proposes a no holds barred match to settle it. The red Santa is Mick Foley by the way.

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