WWE RAW Results (12/19/05): A Salute To The Troops!

Mid-match notes:

Triple H sent Michaels to the ropes but Michaels hit a shoulder block, and then a backslide for two before going back to the arm drag and the arm bar. Triple H hit a right hand knocking Michaels to the outside. Back on RAW and we are in the ring and Triple H back dropped Michaels to the outside. Triple H nailed a right hand and fought up the aisle with Michaels. Triple H went for the Pedigree on the floor but Michaels back dropped out of it. Michaels grabbed a sand bag and tossed it at Triple H, and H caught it. Michaels then nailed him in the head with another one, and unloaded with right hands. Triple H grabbed a gas can and nailed Michaels in the head before moving back to ringside. Triple H and Michaels traded right hands and then Triple H hit a knee to the gut but then Michaels unloaded with more right hands.

Back in the ring and Michaels chopped at Triple H in the corner, and then sent him hard to the other corner, and Triple H flipped over the turnbuckle to the outside. Michaels hit Triple H with a mop but then Triple H threw him face first into the ring post. Back in the ring and Michaels went for a right hand but Triple H moved and Michaels nailed the referee. Triple H hit a DDT and covered but the referee is down. Another referee hit the ring and made the count, but Michaels kicked out. The referee and Triple H got in a shoving match, and then Triple H mocked him and laid him out with a right hand, before tossing him outside. Triple H gave Michaels a slam and then went to the middle rope. Triple H dived off but Michaels got his foot up and both men are down. The original referee is up as Michaels and Triple H traded right hands. Michaels hit the flying forearm and then nipped up.

The Finish:

Michaels hit the atomic drop and then a clothesline, followed by another. Michaels hit the scoop slam and then went up top and came off with the elbow. Michaels started to tune the band but missed Sweet Chin Music and Triple H went for the Pedigree but Michaels hit a double leg takedown and catapulted Triple H into the turnbuckle and then hit Sweet Chin Music of the win!

Winner - Shawn Michaels

The Aftermath:

Shawn Michaels celebrated his win with the troops and we went into a final video package to end the show.

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