Jamal/Cena Storyline?, PPV Buyrates, Backstage WWE News

Jamal/Cena Storyline?, PPV Buyrates, Backstage WWE News
Partial Source: WrestlingObserver.com Newsletter

- For the last quarter, the average cost of running a WWE house show was $139,474. This would seem to explain why WWE balked when Madison Square Garden raised its rental fees.

- There is talk of honoring Eddy Guerrero at New Japan's 1/4 Tokyo Dome show.

- Rumor has the returning Jamal aligning himself with John Cena is an attempt to give Cena's thug character street cred.

- The one hour Smackdown special on 11/29 did a 2.35 rating.

Here are some rumored PPV buyrates:

- ECW One Night Stand - upped to about 330,000 buys, estimated - Vengeance - with HHH vs. Batista, hell in the cell, drew about 472,000 buys. The original estimate was around 315,000. - Summerslam - estimated at 534,000 buys, headlined by Hogan vs. Michaels. Last year's Summerslam did about 387,000 buys. - Unforgiven - projected at 225,000 buys - No Mercy - est. at 219,000 buys. Of course, it was Eddie Guerrero's last PPV appearance.

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