Kurt Angle-Heavyweight Title, Christy Hemme, & More

Kurt Angle-Heavyweight Title, Christy Hemme, & More
-- For some reason, WWE.com is really promoting Vince McMahons profile on the website. It not only had its own link on the side of the website, but now theyve put a flash animation on the main page saying Mr. McMahon, No Tolerance, No More Mr. Nice Guy. They have now removed the superstars link on the main page however.

-- For those wondering on the status of Christy Hemme: There hasnt really been much news on what shes been doing since she left WWE, however it is known that she was very enthusiastic about becoming a better wrestler and has been contacted by TNA according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

-- Thanks to Richard Lawrence who sent word that Kurt Angle is still listed as a RAW Superstar on WWEs website. Its unknown whether Angle will be bringing the title over to RAW as part of some big storyline or staying on SmackDown.


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