TNA Wrestling: Major TNA News Update - Hebner, Raven, Lethal, etc

TNA Wrestling: Major TNA News Update - Hebner, Raven, Lethal, etc
TNA Wrestling: Major TNA News Update - Hebner, Raven, Lethal, etc


MR. DAVE HEBNER: TNA MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT In recent weeks, longtime wrestling official Dave Hebner has been seen watching several TNA matches. The reason for Hebners appearances is still unknown, but has learned Mr. Hebner has been telling associates he is serving as a TNA management consultant. According to several TNA stars, Hebner has been reporting directly to TNA management following each event for a series of closed door meetings. Thus far, Mr. Hebner has avoided contact with TNA stars and staff regarding his arrival in Total Nonstop Action.

RAVEN REMOVED FROM WEBSITE As a result of losing to Sean Waltman at Final Resolution, Raven is officially gone from TNA Wrestling. Championship Committee member Larry Zbyszko informed last week that Ravens bio and mini-site were to be officially removed from the website, which has already been done. was unable to reach Raven for comment on the situation.

SEE TNA LIVE THIS TUESDAY, JANUARY 31 IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA Total Nonstop Action returns to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida this Tuesday, January 31, for the next iMPACT! TV tapings, featuring AJ Styles, Team 3D, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe and many more of your favorite TNA stars! More matches will be announced for the Against All Odds Pay-Per-View at the taping, so if youre a TNA fan in the Orlando area, plan on attending this Tuesday night! Information on how to attend can be found on the homepage of

THE CANADIAN ENFORCER BOBBY ROODE also learned that Team Canadas Bobby Roode informed TNA management and announcers this week that from this point on he is also to be referred to as The Canadian Enforcer.

PERMANENT SCARS FOR ABYSS James Mitchell, the handler of The Monster Abyss, also informed this week that the scars the star suffered on his arm in Barbed Wire Massacre will be permanent and will remain with Abyss throughout his life. The star received 62 conventional stitches and 20 butterfly stitches to sew up the wounds on his arm following the barbaric bout that was voted 2005 Match of the Year by TNA fans.

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR TNA EVENT ON MARCH 17 Tickets are still available for the TNA wrestling event on March 17 at the Compuware Arena in Plymouth, Michigan  just minutes outside of Detroit. The card will feature Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Rhino, Samoa Joe, Americas Most Wanted, Abyss, Sabu and many others. Tickets start at $10 and are available through Ticketmaster of the arena box office.

JAY LETHAL OFFICIALLY JOINS ROSTER also learned this week that newcomer Jay Lethal has been signed to a TNA contract and has officially joined the roster as the newest star. Reports are that TNA management has been impressed with Lethal in recent weeks as the newcomer looks to start making waves in TNAs X Division.

DANIELS LOBBYING TO BE ADDED TO X CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Needless to say, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels wasnt pleased to hear that The Phenomenal AJ Styles would be receiving the X Championship shot against Samoa Joe at Against All Odds. Based on his opinion AJ cost him his chance at the gold by throwing in the towel at Final Resolution, Daniels has been lobbying Championship Committee member Larry Zbyszko to add him to the Pay-Per-View bout on Sunday, February 12. It remains to be seen if Larry Z will grant Daniels his wish or stand firm on the current Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles bout.

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