WWE RAW Results (2/6/06): Jim Duggan, Foley, Eugene, Vince!

WWE RAW Results (2/6/06): Jim Duggan, Foley, Eugene, Vince!
WWE RAW Results (2/6/06): Jim Duggan, Foley, Eugene, Vince! Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results Date: Monday, February 6th, 2006 Location: The Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA Results by PowerWrestling.com WWE RAW Opener: RAW opened up with a video package looking at WrestleMania being the biggest event of the year, where moments make history and men become legends, and ambitions are realised. This year, the road begins again as eight men will battle it out in a tournament to go onto the main event of WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion! The fireworks then went off in the arena as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcome us to RAW! The Road to WrestleMania Tournament starts tonight, and we will also get to see Candice Michelles GoDaddy.com commercial, Uncensored! In the arena: Maria is in the ring, and she introduces the former WWE Champion, Edge, who makes his way to the ring with Lita! We go to footage from last week with Edge beating John Cena by disqualification after Lita nailed Edge with the WWE Championship belt, which led to mass confusion. Maria said last week Lita blasted him with the&Edge told Maria to shut up, and said he is pleased to announce that next week on RAW, there is going to be a huge match for the WWE Championship. Itll be your current and undeserving champion, John Cena, versus the Rated R Superstar himself, Edge! Edge said hes getting a rematch because last week he beat John Cena! He beat him by disqualification, and that goes down in the record books as a victory for him, and that means he gets a rematch. He said that disqualification happened when Lita nailed him in the head with the title. People have been asking him all week whats going on with Lita hitting him, and the only person who can answer that is Lita herself. Edge said he doesnt think so, hes always four moves ahead of the dumb asses. Edge said the issue isnt Lita, the issue is him beating Cena for the WWE Championship, and the most watched championship reign in over four years continues, and that means the winner of the Road to WrestleMania Tournament will face him! Edge said to Maria that also means that when she announces him, you dont have that stupid smile on your face and you dont call him a former champion. She said he should be happy to be a former champion. Lita said she will handle this one. Lita said she will make this real easy, take that little microphone and her pretty little lips and announce her man as the future WWE Champion. Maria announced Edge as the future WWE Champion and the crowd booed. The music of Hacksaw Jim Duggan then hit out of nowhere! Duggan made his way down to the ring with his 2X4 and took a mic. Duggan told Edge to take it easy tough guy! He said he heard Vince McMahon was looking for a special referee for the title match next week with John Cena, and who better to call it right down the middle than Hacksaw Jim Duggan! USA! USA! Edge told everyone to shut up and what the hell does the USA have to do with this? He said for the past few weeks hes been trying to make his girlfriends life a living hell. Duggan said all he did was call her a&Edge cut him off, and Duggan said OK, he wont say nothing. On second thought, Litas a HOOOOOO! Edge nailed Duggan from behind and stomped away at him. Edge picked up the 2X4 and cracked Duggan in the back with it, sending him to the outside of the ring. Lita then started pointing at Maria for laughing and slapped her across the face. Lita tossed Maria around the ring by her hair and she may have slipped out. We have photos below. Edge then set up for the Spear, but John Cena hit the ring and tackled Edge down. Cena cleaned house and the crowd went nuts as Edge and Lita made their way to the back. Road To WrestleMania Tournament Referee: Jack Doan Kane vs. Chris Masters The music of Kane hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring as one half of the World Tag Team Champions, and hell be facing Chris Masters in this first round of the Road to WrestleMania Tournament! The start: Kane and Masters locked up and Masters backed Kane to the corner but Kane fired back with an uppercut. Kane worked over Masters in the corner, and then hit a back elbow knockdown, but missed an elbow drop. Masters comes back and hits some mounted punches in the corner but Kane threw him off. Kane nailed another uppercut followed by some right hands. Masters came back with a swinging neckbreaker but Kane sat up. Kane tossed Masters to the corner but ate an elbow on the charge. Masters gave Kane snake eyes in the corner, and then called for the Master Lock but walked into a big right hand. Kane hit a big boot and then a running clothesline in the corner.

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