TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

Lethal hits a quick suplex on Shelley. Lethal grabs Shelley by the arm, but Shelley extends his foot allowing Williams to tag himself in. Williams comes in and hits a backbreaker on Lethal. Williams sends Lethal face first into the corner and Shelley tags himself back in. Shelley wraps Lethal in a full-body submission, taking Lethal to the mat. Williams then jumps and hits Lethal with a big dropkick. Shelley nails Lethal with a stiff right hand. Shelley hits a slingshot senton over the top rope from the ring apron on Lethal, covers, but only gets a two count. Williams tags himself back in when Shelley throws Lethal into the corner. Lethal fights back with some rights on Williams. Williams counters out of a back suplex and hits Lethal with a dropkick to the back. Williams gives Lethal a scoop slam and then works on his neck applying a reverse chin lock. Shelley comes in the ring and looks to take out Lethal when Williams breaks the chin lock and starts arguing with Shelley. Lethal crawls over and tags in Bently. Bently takes out Williams with some big chops. Bently hits a high back body drop on Williams followed by a scoop slam. Bently goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Williams cuts him off. Williams climbs up with Bently, but Shelley comes under Williams and puts him on his shoulders. Lethal hits Bently with a kick. Shelley takes Williams down with a powerbomb. Lethal gets taken out and Bently nails him with a flying elbow! Lethal cuts off Williams with a hard right, attempts a suplex, but Williams counters into a spinning neckbreaker. Williams sends Bently over the top rope to the outside. Lethal grabs Williams and hits a huge full-nelson release suplex!

Lethal takes out Shelley with a huge dropkick when Shelley jumps off the top rope. Lethal takes out Shelley again with a big side-kick. Shelley fights back giving Lethal a drop toe hold followed by a big reverse DDT. Bently hits the ring and nails Shelley with a big front face plant after many counters. Bently props Williams back up from the corner and Williams counters that into a big side russian leg sweep! Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer. Williams gets Bently locked when we see Jackie Gayda come out and confront Shelley. She shoves Shelley and then slaps him. Gayda starts punching Shelley on the ramp. We go back to the ring and see Bently give Williams a back body drop to break up the Canadian Destroyer. Lethal then comes in and rolls up Williams for the pinfall! Williams is shocked.

Winner: Jay Lethal

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Rhino. Borash brings up the Falls Count Anywhere Match tonight with Rhino vs. Abyss. Rhino brings up that he grew up in the #1 murder city capital of the world. Rhino says he has no fear and tells both Abyss and James Mitchell to fear The Gore tonight. Larry Zbyszko comes up along with Dave Hebner. Zbyszko tells Rhino that there can't be any outside interference. Rhino says he will spread the word, but tells Zbyszko to call an ambulance because Abyss will need it tonight.

- A video package rolls highlighting the previous events with the 3 Live Kru, how they broke up and how the formations of the Latin American Exchange and the James Gang took place with Ron "The Truth" Killings on the outside still.

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange Before the match, Konnan took the mic and introduced Homicide and the newest member of the LAX (who looks to be officially replacing Apolo) Macheta (sp?). BG & Kip James did the usual mic intro as well. Kip gets cut off and get attacked by Homicide and Macheta. Both Kip & BG take them out and send them to the outside of the ring. Konnan tries to regroup LAX. Homicide gets the legal tag and he gets in the face of Kip James. Kip throws him down. Kip then takes him out with a big military press slam followed by an arm drag on Macheta. Kip then takes out Homicide with a huge powerbomb. BG gets the tag and tries to work on Homicide when he tags in Macheta. BG takes out Macheta with a big right followed by a knee drop to the face. BG covers Macheta, but only gets a two count. Kip gets the tag and Macheta chops him. Kip fights back clotheslining Macheta followed by attempting his jumping reverse DDT when Homicide breaks it up. Konnan then grabs Kip and nails him into the guard rail. Macheta chokes Kip and throws him back in the ring with Homicide. Homicide chokes Kip followed by nailing him off the corner face first. Kip takes out Homicide with a big boot. When Kip charges, Homicide moves and Kip hits the corner with force. Homicide covers Kip, but gets another two count. When Kip rolls to the ring apron and the referee isn't looking, Konnan gets in some cheap shots on Kip, biting him as well. Homicide then gives Kip a snapmare, goes up to the top, jumps, but Kip moves out of the way.

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