TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

BG gets the tag and he takes out Macheta with a big boot. Kip comes back in the ring and takes out Homicide with a big stiff right. Homicide leaves the ring and takes off to the back. Kip leaves the ring and follows. Back in the ring, BG hits Macheta with a Pump Handle Slam. BG covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The James Gang

After the match, Konnan attacks BG James. Macheta helps and they work on BG in the corner. Macheta leaves the ring and helps Homicide take out Kip James when Bob Armstrong appears in the ring. Armstrong stares down Konnan. BG gets up and Konnan leaves the ring along with Homicide and Macheta. Bob Armstrong stares down LAX along with BG.

- Backstage, TNA referee Mark "Slick" Johnson goes to the office of Larry Zbyszko. He notices that the main event tonight doesn't have a referee. Zbyszko says he has the referee situation under control tonight and that Johnson is on a need-to-know basis.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match America's Most Wanted (c's) vs. Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt Before the match, Mike Tenay & Don West showed the Tag Team Tournament graphic showing Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt advancing to the finals. They also show a clip from iMPACT! last night when Sabin suffered an ankle injury (which was actually taped two weeks ago). The match starts with James Storm and Chris Sabin. Storm tries taking Sabin off his feet a few times, but Sabin dodges it. Sabin then tags in Sonjay Dutt. Storm takes out Dutt with a quick shoulder block, but Dutt fires back with an arm drag. Dutt also gets in a quick 720 degree type takedown on Storm. Dutt grabs Storm and tags in Sabin. Dutt takes down Storm, Sabin drops an elbow, holds the arm of Storm and Dutt hits a dropkick to the arm. Sabin takes out Storm with a kick to the back of the head, covers, but only gets a two count. Sabin takes out Storm with a kick to the gut, but Chris Harris jumps down and pulls Sabin into the ring post spread eagle. Harris grabs the bad ankle of Sabin and drives it into the steel ring post. Harris then drops the ankle over the side of the ring apron as well. Storm then catches Sabin with a baseball slide when he tries to get back in the ring. Storm throws Sabin in the ring and Harris gets the tag. Harris works on the bad ankle of Sabin. Harris then pulls off the knee bad that Sabin has over his taped ankle. Harris wrenches back on Sabin's bad ankle even more.

Sabin fights back to his feet taking out both Storm and Harris in the corner. Harris cuts off anymore offense by taking Sabin down. Storm gets the tag and he drops his weight over the bad ankle of Sabin. Storm then connects with a big backbreaker on Sabin. Storm drops his weight across the bad ankle of Sabin yet again and applies pressure. Storm then tags in Harris. Harris hits a leg drop over Sabin's ankle. Sabin grabs the referee. The referee checks on Sabin as Harris taunts at him. Sabin tries to stand up in the corner, but Sabin falls down. Harris puts Sabin back up. Harris backs up, charges, but Sabin takes out Harris with a kick. Storm gets the tag, hits the ring and attacks Sabin from behind. Storm holds Sabin up by his bad ankle. Sabin kicks Storm away. Harris comes in grabbing Sabin when Dutt gets the tag! A fresh Dutt takes out Harris with a kick, splash and a big huricanranna on Storm. Dutt takes out Storm with a dropkick, covers, but Harris breaks up the pinfall. Harris misses a charge on Dutt, Dutt springboards off the top rope and hits a double-superkick on AMW. Dutt then hits a springboard moonsault on both members of AMW as well. Storm fights back holding Dutt up. Harris goes off the ropes to take out Dutt, but Sabin cuts him off. Dutt hits a big flipping reverse DDT on Storm, covers, but only gets a two count. Harris catches Dutt when he attempts another springboard. Dutt counters that into a close two count.

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