TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

Harris then splashes Dutt in the corner. Storm brings a steel chair into the ring and then distracts the referee. Harris grabs the steel chair, but Dutt trips him up. Sabin hits a tornado DDT on Harris right on top of the steel chair. Sabin tosses the chair out. Dutt hits a big moonsault on Harris, covers...1...2...Harris barely kicks out. Storm is now on the outside with Sabin and he drops the guard railing over the bad ankle of Sabin. Dutt attempts a Hindu Press on Harris in the ring, but Harris moves. Storm comes in and takes out Dutt with a big superkick. Storm then sets Dutt up for the Death Sentence. Harris goes up to the top and connects with the leg drop. They cover and get the pinfall to retain the titles.

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America's Most Wanted

After the match, Chris Harris grabs handcuffs. James Storm drags Sonjay Dutt to the corner. Harris handcuffs both of Dutt's arms around the top turnbuckle. Harris grabs the steel chair and looks to take out Dutt with it when Sabin hits the ring taking out both Harris and Storm.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett along with Gail Kim. Borash says Jarrett must be feeling the pressure tonight when he faces Christian Cage tonight. Jarrett says he feels no pressure and that Christian Cage should be the one feeling the pressure tonight. He said this is the most important match of Cage's 12 year career. Jarrett said if Cage doesn't get the job done tonight, it will be another egg on the face of TNA management. He brings up how Larry Zbyszko has a special referee planned tonight, but that it won't matter because he has all the keys to retain his NWA World Champion. Monty Brown comes up doing a G-Unit type call out, except calling out J-J-J-J-Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett cuts off Brown, saying he is sick and tired of him cutting his interviews. He said he knows Brown wants to say he will give him The Pounce and everything else. Jarrett says he wants to shut Brown up and promises him a shot at the NWA World Title once he retains tonight. They shake hands and Jarrett leaves with Gail Kim. Brown smiles and says he will be watching the main event closley tonight.

- A video package for the Falls Count Anywhere Match between Rhino and Abyss is shown.

Falls Count Anywhere Match Rhino vs. Abyss The match starts off right away with both Rhino and Abyss exchanging right hands. Rhino takes out Abyss with some stiff right shots, knocking Abyss down in the corner. Rhino clotheslines Abyss over the top rope and goes to the outside. Rhino tosses Abyss over the guard railing. Rhino misses a jumping dive, backs up and then hits a dive that connects with Abyss. They brawl up into the crowd. Rhino has the advantage when Abyss grabs Rhino and sends him head first into the wall. Abyss tosses Rhino over the guard railing. Rhino fights back nailing Abyss face first off the steel steps. Rhino throws Abyss back in the ring and then pulls a trash can with weapons out along with an old TNA trophy. Rhino throws everything in the ring and gets in. Abyss cuts off Rhino with a big boot. Rhino fights back nailing Abyss in the gut and back with a kendo stick. Rhino tries to use the trash can, but Abyss low blows Rhino and nails the trash can off his head. Abyss grabs the kendo stick and nails it over the back of Rhino a few times. Abyss covers Rhino, but only gets a two count. Rhino is now busted open at this point. Rhino fights back nailing Abyss in the head with a metal plate. Rhino puts the old TNA trophy over the top of Abyss, grabs a baseball bat and nails it over the chest of Abyss breaking the trophy in half. Abyss sits up wrenching in pain. Abyss rolls to the outside and Rhino follows. Abyss fights back suplexing Rhino on the entrance ramp.

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