TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

Styles hits a leg sweep on Joe on the ring apron followed by Daniels nailing Joe sending him to the floor. In the ring, Styles and Daniels exchange nearfalls. Joe comes in, slaps Daniels on the back, but Daniels applies a headlock. Styles then nails Daniels with a clothesline, allowing Joe to grab Daniels and give him a back suplex in the same movement as well! Joe then nails Styles with a huge kick to the face. Joe hits Daniels with an atomic drop followed by a charging big boot. Joe hits a senton back splash on Daniels, covers, but only gets a two count. Joe kicks Styles in the corner and then goes back to Daniels. Joe then hits a big powerslam on Daniels that results in a two count. Joe applies an armbar submission on Daniels. Daniels gets the bottom rope with both of his feet. Joe breaks the submission and then goes over to Styles, kicking him again. Joe goes back over to Daniels, props him in the corner and hits a few chops. Joe kicks Daniels, lifts him up onto the top, Joe looks to go for the Muscle Buster when Styles breaks it up with a kick to the back of the head. Daniels jumps down and hits Styles with a few elbows. Styles cuts off Daniels with a boot and headbutt. Daniels fights that and looks to hit a front face plant when Joe nails both with a big boot. Joe then drops a knee over the head of Daniels.

Joe picks up Daniels and starts chopping him. Daniels goes behind Joe. Joe gets in some elbows. Daniels attempts a full nelson, Joe breaks that and Daniels then hits a huge release german suplex on Joe! Daniels then powers Joe down to the mat, calls for the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), hits the springboard and connects with the BME on Joe. Daniels covers Joe, but only gets a two count. Daniels calls for the Angel's Wings. Daniels hooks the arms of Joe, Styles jumps on Joe and flips over Daniels attempting the Styles Clash. Daniels breaks out of that. Styles attempts a powerbomb, but Daniels flips up landing on his feet. Joe takes out Daniels quickly with a clothesline, covers, but only gets a two count. Joe gets Styles up in a Muscle Buster, but Styles leaps off and takes out Daniels with a spin kick and a kick to the back of the head on Joe. Styles hits a gut buster on Daniels, covers, but Daniels gets a shoulder up. Styles has Daniels up in a torture rack, spins Daniels and nails Daniels into the mat. Styles covers, but Joe breaks up the pinfall. Styles then hits a springboard inverted DDT on Joe off the ropes. Styles hooks the leg on Joe, but Joe kicks out after two. Styles attempts the Styles Clash on Joe, but Daniels breaks it up. Styles hits a clothesline splash on Daniels in the corner. Joe sends Styles to the ring apron. Daniels has Joe up on his shoulders. Styles nails Joe on his head. Daniels then drops Joe on his head in an inverted Death Valley Driver. Daniels covers, Styles breaks it up. Styles covers, Daniels breaks that up. Styles and Daniels are battling in the corner when Joe kicks Daniels off the ring apron. Joe grabs Styles, gets him up in the Muscle Buster and connects! Joe covers...1...2...3.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe raises the X Division Title in the air. Christopher Daniels looks on from the ramp and yells at Joe that it isn't over yet.

- A video package runs showing how Team 3D were screwed out of the NWA World Tag Team Titles at the Final Resolution PPV by Team Canada. They show how Team 3D allowed the fans to vote who they should face tonight at Against All Odds. The fans voted Team Canada. We then see footage from iMPACT! last night when Team Canada attacked Team 3D and left Brother Devon a bloody mess.

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