TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Team 3D. Brother Ray says they are pissed and if pissing people off was an Olympic sport, Team Canada would have the gold. Ray says he hopes the United States kicks Canada's ass in hockey this year. He says Team 3D shouldn't worry about them tonight, they should worry about the fans in Orlando tonight who voted them in because they hate them with a passion.

Team 3D vs. Team Canada When the match started, Team 3D came out from the other side of the Impact Zone to surprise Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Brother Ray gives Roode a back body drop on the entrance ramp, while Brother Devon takes out Eric Young against the railing. Mike Tenay points out that Roode broke part of the ramp on that back body drop. Devon launches Young to the mat around the ring and Ray chops him with force. Devon sends Young into the railing again and Ray throws Roode into the ring. Ray nails Roode with some elbows in both corners starting up a loud "USA" chant with the crowd in Orlando. Ray chops Roode with force. Ray takes out Roode with a german suplex followed by launching Young off the top rope with force. Devon gets the tag, Ray holds Young, Devon jumps up and comes down in a leg drop on Young with help from Ray. Ray gives Young a scoop slam followed by a jumping elbow to the chest. Devon clotheslines Roode when he tries to come in the ring. Devon hits a huge clotheslines charge on Young in the corner. We see Scott D'Amore getting up on the ring apron when Devon grabs him. Young nails Devon from behind. Devon fights back with a shoulder block on Young. When Devon goes off the ropes, Roode pulls down the top rope allowing Devon to get dumped to the outside. D'Amore then grabs Devon and sends him into the steel steps when the referee is distracted. D'Amore then opens the wound of Devon with the referee still distracted.

Roode gets the legal tag and he hits a double-suplex along with Young. Roode hooks the leg of Devon, but only gets a two count. Roode applies a headlock on Devon. Devon is still busted open at this point. The referee lifts the arm of Devon once, twice, but Devon keeps it up on a third attempt. Devon gets in a quick roll-up on Roode that results in a two count. Roode fights back, nailing Devon and then tagging in Young. Young applies pressure on the neck of Devon using the ropes for leverage. Young nails Devon face first off the corner. Young throws Devon down and applies a camel clutch submission. Young breaks the hold and tags in Roode. Roode gives Devon a scoop slam, goes up to the top, drops a fist on Devon, Young jumps off and connects with a big flying elbow on Devon as well. Roode then applies a camel clutch on Devon and flaps his arm at Ray taunting at him who is reaching out for a tag. Roode uses his weight and jumps on top of Devon to take him out even more. Young gets the tag and he applies a camel clutch on Devon as blood continues to pour down the face of Devon. Devon gets in a low blow on Young. Roode comes in, grabs Devon by his boot and Devon kicks Roode in the face. Ray reaches out for the tag and Devon gets it. Ray goes up to the top, jumps and hits a cross-body on both Roode and Young. Ray takes out both again with some clotheslines. Ray hits a series of side slams on both Roode and Young. Roode and Young fight back with a double-flapjack on Ray.

Young covers Ray...1...2...Ray kicks out. Young goes up to the top, but Ray sends Roode into Young tripping him up. Ray hits a german suplex on Roode and then goes over to Young. Ray chops Young, hooks his arm and hits a big superplex! Ray covers Young, but Roode breaks up the pinfall. Roode takes out Devon on the ring apron and then tries to use the hockey stick on Ray. Ray nails Roode, but Roode hits a low blow on Ray. Roode then nails Ray with the hockey stick and leaves. Young covers Ray, but Ray kicks out! Young goes up to the top, but Ray dodges the moonsault attempt by Young. Ray sends Roode over the top rope. Devon comes in and they hit the 3D on Young. Ray covers Young...1...2...3.

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