Goldberg, SmackDown!, Striker, Trish-Playboy, More

Goldberg, SmackDown!, Striker, Trish-Playboy, More
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- Former WWE superstar Bill Goldberg will be signing autographs from 12 noon to 5PM @ World of Wheels Cobo Center - One Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI. Call 313-877-8777. As noted before on, TNA and Goldberg are in talks.

- Smackdown in New York will be on next Saturday [3/11] at 8pm.

- The New York Daily News has a small article on Matt Striker today. The article is at

- In a story last week, The Toronto Star reported that Trish Stratus has posed nude for Playboy. A few days later, they posted a correction, saying that Trish never did, which of course she didn't.

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