Security At SNME 'Were Real Jerks' & More On SNME

Reader Dean Siemon sent this in: I was watching NBC's Quad City affiliate (Iowa/Illinois area, Moline, Davenport) and WWE SNME was pre-empted for Iowa State High School Basketball Championship. They finally had a ticker during the game announcing that SNME would be aired Tuesday around 2:10 am.

Reader Dan Tracy attended SNME and sent this in: The Security people at Cobo were real jerks. There were a few people whining about signs being held in the air a few rows behind so security came down and asked us to not hold them up that often. And then later before the Shane McMahon vs. HBK match a Security officer from below took one guys sign and threw it in the trash and I was taking pictures on my Camera Phone and the same guy says excuse me I look over and he took my sign that said (Don't Pi$$ on the McMahons) and threw it away. It was spelled just like Piss but with dollar signs instead. They don't do that anywhere else. They were just completely rude. A guy behind me said that if they did that to him, he would have punched him.

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