MNM/WrestleMania Update, Carlito And More

MNM/WrestleMania Update, Carlito And More
Sources: Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer

Several wrestlers backstage are surprised that MNM have been left off the WrestleMania card. Although, there still is a chance that a match between MNM and Brian Kendrick & Paul London may be announced during this week's telecast of Smackdown.

Carlito will be appearing on a World Wrestling Council show 4/15 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Carlito will be hosting his "Carlito's Cabana" show. Carlito's guests on the show will be Carlos Colon and WWC president Victor Jovica.

A song by the name of "Baby Hates Me" by recording artist Danko Jones will play during the opening sequence at WrestleMania.

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