Official WWE RAW Preview For Tonight - HHH/Cena/Edge

Official WWE RAW Preview For Tonight -  HHH/Cena/Edge
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Divine Intervention April 10, 2006

Last week on RAW, WWE Champion John Cena let his guard down long enough for Triple H to connect with a Pedigree. How will The Champ  and the crowd  respond when RAW emanates from Milwaukee? And fresh off the announcement of Backlash's Triple Threat Main Event, what will Triple H, John Cena and Edge do to ensure they have the advantage heading into the WWE Championship Match?

Shawn Michaels learned last week that hed be teaming with God to face the McMahons at Backlash. Has a battered Mr. McMahon lost his mind? And what will The Showstopper do now? Tune in to RAW (9/8 CT; USA Network) to find out.

RAW has new World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad. Will they defend the gold, and will huge former champs Big Show & Kane be on the warpath this week?

The Nature Boy was ambushed last week by two unknown commodities: newcomers Armando Alejando Estrada and the vicious Umaga. What will happen this week?

All this and much more on Monday Night RAW.

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