TNA Lockdown Results (4/23): Raven & Low Ki Return, Christy Hemme, More!

Ray and Runt then grab Young, slam him down and hold his legs up. Devon climbs up, jumps and connects with the headbutt low blow from the top. Brother Ray then grabs the US flag and hands it to Devon. Team 3D starts to celebrate, their music briefly hits, but stops since the referee is still down and can't declare a winner. A-1 then destroys Brother Runt with a big powerbomb and Young puts the US flag back up at the top of the cage. Scott D'Amore then opens up the cage door with the referee still knocked out. D'Amore slides a table into the ring and closes the door. Team Canada set up the table and put Brother Runt on top. Eric Young jumps off the top attempting a flying elbow, but Runt moves and Young crashes through the table. Runt hits A-1 with an Acid Drop. Runt sends Roode face first into the cage and Ray and Devon hit the 3D on Roode. Brother Runt then climbs up and gets the US flag. Team 3D wins the match.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Brother Ray puts the US flag on a wire that came down. The US flag then gets raised up above the ring and the Team USA music plays. Scott D'Amore hits the ring and he gets a 3D from Brother Ray and Brother Devon.

- A promo for TNA Sacrifice on May 14 plays.

- When we come back from the promo, the crowd in Orlando is singing the National Anthem as Mike Tenay and Don West preview the NWA World Title Match between Christian Cage and Abyss. The stop halfway through to enjoy the crowd singing the anthem with Team 3D.

- Some music hits and Don West asks who is coming out. Mike Tenay says he doesn't have a clue. Former WWE Diva Christy Hemme comes out and hands an envelope to Mike Tenay. Tenay opens it up and reads the letter from TNA's corporate office. It states that TNA management will be undergoing some major changes. Tenay reads the first change: Larry Zbyzsko is placed on probation. Zbyszko comes out with a mic complaining that he can't be placed on probation. Tenay continues to read the letter and it states that a decision made by Zbyzsko to fire a certain individual is no longer valid. Tenay announces that effective immediately, Raven is now back on the TNA roster. Raven comes out and the crowd cheers. Raven then goes after Zbyszko. Zbyszko runs into the ring and closes the steel cage door. Zbyszko calls for security to hold Raven back. TNA Security come nearby and hold Raven back. Raven smiles at Zbyszko.

- Backstage, we see Jeremy Borash with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage. Borash talks about the title match next against Abyss. Cage takes off his hood, looks at Borash, lowers the mic and walks away with an angry look on his face.

- A video package rolls highlighting the events between Christian Cage and Abyss that lead into the NWA World Title Match tonight at Lockdown.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match Christian Cage (c) vs. Abyss The match starts right away with Abyss walking up the babyface ramp and Christian Cage tackling Abyss right away. Abyss fights back with a few knees to the gut on Christian. Abyss gets a steel chair and attempts a shot on Christian, but he moves and Abyss hits the ring post instead. Abyss chokes Christian up against the cage and then throws him down. Cage fights back hitting Abyss with a few elbows, backing up, running and jumping at Abyss. Abyss moves out of the way and Christian smashes into the ring barricade. Christian and Abyss then brawl into the crowd up into the stands. Both exchange some lefts and rights. They brawl back down through the crowd and Christian throws Abyss head first into a wall. When Abyss backs up against the ring barricade, Christian charges, but Abyss throws him up high in the air over the barricade smashing to the floor around the ring. Abyss drives Christian into the steel steps. Abyss continues to work on Christian on the ground. Abyss grabs Christian, opens the cage door, grabs the door, slams it, but Christian moves before it could hit him. Cage then grabs the cage door and slams it into Abyss. James Mitchell then gets involved and Cage gets distracted. This allows Abyss to slam the cage door into the cage of face of Christian Cage.

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