TNA Lockdown Results (4/23): Raven & Low Ki Return, Christy Hemme, More!

Abyss finally throws Christian inside the ring, the cage door closes and the bell rings to note the official start of the match. Abyss takes out Christian with a big splash in the corner. Cage fights back with some right hands, a kick to the face, but then gets lifted up over the head of Abyss and sent face first into the side of the cage. Abyss covers Cage, but he quickly kicks out after two. Cage drives his head into the gut of Abyss a few times. Abyss again grabs Cage trying to lift him over his head one more time, but Christian floats out of it. Christian attempts The Unprettier, but Abyss fights out of it and takes out Cage. When Christian attempts a big comeback on Abyss with some lefts and rights to the chest, Abyss grabs Cage and sends him chest first into the corner with force. Abyss then starts to press the face of Cage against the side of the cage with lots of pressure. When Cage stands up behind the ropes against the side of the cage, Abyss splashes him quickly and Cage nails the cage with force. Abyss grabs Cage, puts him on his shoulders, Cage falls off, attempts a german suplex, Abyss then goes behind Cage, Cage fights him away, Abyss catches Cage with a boot to the stomach followed by a powerbomb right into the side of the steel cage! Abyss grabs Cage again, lifts him up and again powerbombs him onto the side of the cage with force.

Abyss chops Christian in the corner. Abyss does this a second time. Cage then gets an angry look on his face and fights back with some chops on Abyss. Cage gets in a few elbows, Abyss pushes him away, Abyss charges and Cage sends Abyss face first into the cage. Cage takes out Abyss with a big forearm. Abyss sends Cage into the corner and Cage almost takes out the referee. Abyss charges and Cage moves the referee out of the way. Abyss then charges again, attempts a clothesline, Cage ducks and Abyss clotheslines the referee! Cage then climbs up to the top rope, Abyss approaches, Cage grabs Abyss, jumps off the top rope and hits a huge tornado DDT on Abyss! Another referee comes to the ringside area when James Mitchell throws the NWA World Title into the ring. Abyss tries to use it, but Cage ducks and catches Abyss with The Unprettier. Cage revives the referee, jumps on Abyss, the referee counts...1...2...kick out. Cage climbs up the top rope and brings himself up to the top of the cage. Christian Cage stands up, jumps and connects with a frog splash from the top of the cage! Christian covers Abyss...1...2...Abyss kicks out! Christian and the crowd can't believe it. Christian grabs Abyss, attempts The Unprettier, but Abyss counters and drops Christian with the Shock Treatment after getting him up in the Torture Rack. Abyss grabs his bag full of thumbtacks and spreads them across the mat.

JCage then steals the cane from James Mitchell and breaks it over the back of Abyss. Christian climbs up the cage, gets to the top, Abyss grabs the referee and sends him into the side of the cage. This knocks Christian off slightly, but he still holds on. Abyss climbs up with Christian. Christian then flips off the top, hitting Abyss with a sunset flip that sends Abyss right into the thumbtacks! Christian covers Abyss, but there is no referee. A new referee hits the ring, Cage covers Abyss...1...2...Abyss kicks out yet again! Cage then grabs the NWA World Title, looks to hit Abyss with it, but Abyss ducks and hits Cage with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers Christian...1...2...Christian kicks out! James Mitchell then tosses in a second bag of thumbtacks. Abyss nails Christian with some right hands and then spreads the second bag of thumbtacks over the other pile. Christian stands up, Abyss gets him ready for a chokeslam, lifts him up, Cage floats out of it and then slams Abyss down face first onto the thumbtacks with The Unprettier! Cage rolls Abyss over, covers...1...2...3.

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