Major News & Preview For RAW Tonight


While flying over the Atlantic Ocean on his way to London Thursday afternoon, Mr. McMahon had an epiphany. The Chairman will no longer be sacrificing his son Shane in a Handicap Match against Shawn Michaels and "God" this Monday night. Instead, his son Shane will be facing HBK in one-on-one action on RAW. However, the tag team match pitting Mr. McMahon & Shane vs. HBK & "God" at Backlash will still happen as scheduled.

Also on RAW this week, Jonathan Coachman will host a RAW Bikini Contest, featuring the sexy Candice, Maria, Torrie Wilson and Victoria.

There will be immense pressure on Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin when RAW emanates from London. Their Backlash match is now Winner Take All with both the Money in the Bank briefcase and the Intercontinental Championship on the line. Shelton is desperate to protect his gold, while RVD refuses to lose his coveted world championship opportunity. What will these two competitors do to gain an edge before their stipulation-rich pay-per-view encounter?

The former World Tag Team Champion have each dropped the other with a chokeslam on RAW. Will they clash again before their Backlash match & and god help anyone who mentions Kanes movie release date of May 19.

With McMahonism sweeping WWE, how will Shawn Michaels respond on RAW? And what will Mr. McMahon do after seemingly receiving some unwanted signs from above last week?

The past two weeks, Trish Stratus has had some mind games of her own for obsessed, psycho Womens Champion Mickie James. Will Trish have another Mickie-like plan for the last RAW before their Womens Championship Match at Backlash?
Catch all this and much more on Monday Night RAW (9/8 CT; USA Network).

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