Brooke Hogan Gets Braces, Candice/Acting, Kane, Lots More

Brooke Hogan Gets Braces, Candice/Acting, Kane, Lots More
A Nicolock patio commercial featuring model and former WWE Smackdown Diva Lauren Jones will start airing this weekend on television.

Former WWE superstar Antonio recently opened up a page on You can visit his MySpace page at has conducted an interview with Kane.

Candice Michelle is aspiring to be taken seriously as an actress. "I really like drama. I would love to show that side of myself. A lot of people know me as the sexy girl who looks great in lingerie, but when I get into acting, I will show people that I am actually a very talented actress."

Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke recently got a "grill." In other words, she got a metal covering for her teeth which is adorned with some diamonds.

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