WWE RAW Results (5/22): RVD-Cena, Heyman-ECW, D-X?, More!

Foley: You're chock full of great suggestions, Paul. Why don't I suggest you get the hell out of our WWE building. Why don't you listen as I say no freaking way, Paul. What's so damn funny?

Heyman: What I find funny is that here I am - I look at Mick Foley, I look at Lita, I look at Edge. I come to a realization that Lita is the only one in the ring with any nuts.

Edge: That's it - I'm not putting up with it anymore. I don't' care who they are. You're on at One Night Stand. Come on Mick - let's show this dumb ass what hardcore is all about.

Heyman: That's not a very good idea - you want to do this now? Well, if you want to do this now then meet your opponents for One Night Stand.

Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk appear from the back and use several hardcore items on Foley and Edge. Foley goes knee first into the steel steps. Edge and Lita hop the security wall followed by Mick.

King pimps the Diva Search. Yank yank.

**RVD's music hits**

This contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first - Mr. Money in the Bank....Rob....Van....Dam.

They show last week's happenings in the Texas Tornado Match.

**Ain't no stopping me nooooooooooooooooow**

And making his way to the ring - the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Match 1: RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin

Big RVD chants. Lockup. RVD off the ropes and knocks Shelton down with a shoulder block. Back off the ropes - avoids a big hop and lands a big right. Shelton off the ropes now, grabs hold - kick from RVD. And he lands a vertical suplex immediately into a pin that gets two. Shelton lands a back elbow out of nowhere. Rights from Shelton now. RVD reverses a whip into the turnbuckle. RVD leaps over Shelton and lands a step-over heel kick. Rolling thunder...no, Shelton slides out of the ring and we go to an....ad break.

We're back live with Shelton in control and locking in the rear headlock. RVD chants going. Shelton turned things around during the break by dropping RVD's face on the turnbuckle following a powerbomb. RVD with a nearfall. RVD off the ropes - sunset flip gets another two. RVD goes for a vertical suplex, but Shelton lands on his feet and lands a neckbreaker for a count of two. Chinlock leg scissors locked in by Shelton. RVD fights to his feet, but Shelton pulls RVD's hair and slams him to the mat. Shelton locks in another rear chinlock. RVD fighting out again with some elbows. Shelton sends RVD into the turnbuckle. Stinger Splash misses! RVD and Shelton exchanging rights. Shelton tries to slam RVD into the turnbuckle, but RVD lands a big kick. Springboard back kick by RVD. Tons of clotheslines now by RVD. Straight martial arts kick to Shelton. Standing moonsault gets two! RVD into the buckle and gets his leg up on a charging Shelton. Modified body scissors into a cradle by RVD gets two. RVD off the ropes - ROLLING THUNDER! Cover gets two! Shelton connecting with some rights now. RVD follows with some of his own. Shelton off the ropes, RVD misses a kick. Samoan drop attempt by Shelton, but he drills referee Chad Patton. And he is down with an ankle injury. Shelton goes to the outside and grabs his IC belt. Shelton looking to hit RVD with the belt, but RVD lands a modified Van Daminator and Patton is ringing in the bell.

WINNER via DQ: Shelton Benjamin (9:47)

RVD is pissed. Now he says screw it and heads to the top rope to land a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! Haha....sweeeet. RVD holds the belt high, drops it on Shelton, grabs his briefcase, and leaves the ring.

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