WWE RAW Results (5/22): RVD-Cena, Heyman-ECW, D-X?, More!

Vince is in the back talking with ZZ Top. Vince talks about how he beat Triple H awhile back for the WWE Title. Candice Michelle walks in and Vince tells ZZ Top to get acquainted with Candice. Vince has to go to the ring for the public apology.

They show us the Triple H/Shane/HBK thing again from last week. Vince acts like he's never seen his son jump 50 feet from the Titan Tron or something. Sledgy is nothing compared to that.

**No chance...that's what you've got.....**

Vince hits the ring.

Vince on the mic: Earlier tonight I said there was going to be a public apology tonight out here, and there damn well will be. The man who will apologize in a moment is the same individual who struck my son Shane with a sledgehammer. We have the public, and the only thing missing is the man who needs to apologize to me. Triple H - the public awaits.

YOU SUCK chants

Vince: Triple H - I said the public awaits. Triple H..???

**Behold the King...the King of Kings....**

Triple H appears from the back and slowly makes his way to the ring.

Vince: I think you have something you want to say to me. I said I think you have something you want to say to me. Before you say anything - let me remind you a couple things. Let me remind you of what Shawn Michaels once said to me. That I should act my age - that I shoudl move on. And since then Shawn Michaels life has been a living hell. And by the way - that living hell continues tonight when Shawn takes on all five members of the SS. And need I remind you what I said earlier - if I didn't have a meaningful and sincere apology that there would be swift, vengeful retaliation. So I'm waiting for those two words.

Triple H: Two words? You want...two words? That works out great because I've got two words for ya. I'm sorry. (boos)

Vince: Did you hear that? I'm sorry! You know what - I will accept your apology. But I will accept it on one condition. That is tonight after the SS dismembers Shawn Michaels, I will then command you and you will only come out on my command and you will bring a sledgehammer with you and you will crush Shawn Michaels' skull. Then I'll accept your apology. Do we understand each other?

Triple H asks for a handshake and Vince accepts. When Vince tries to release Triple H holds on.

Triple H: We definitely have an understanding.

Vince's music hits and he leaves the ring. King pimps the Cena-Masters showdown.

Some more crap about See No Evil.

Todd Grisham stands by with Kane.

Kane: May 19th.....that was the date when my mother and adopted family were killed in a fire. And I've fought my whole life to suppress those memories, those demons. And now May 19th has come and gone, and I have a new movie out in which I kill lots of people in unique and excruciating fashion. And tonight I have a match in which I plan to inflict insufferable pain on my opponent. If you want to know the truth...I've never been happier.

**Masters' music hits**

Chris Masters goes through his three-pronged flex and hits the ring.

Huge CENA chants throughout the arena.

**Cena's music hits**

And from Westbury, Massachusetts - he is the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Match 2: Chris Masters vs. John Cena

Masters taunts Cena by showing off the guns. Lockup as the crowd continues to chant Cena. Cena backs Masters into the corner and Masters uses a cheapshot to get out of it. Cena sends Masters into the ropes and lands a back elbow. And again. Cena off the ropes and lands an elbow drop. Cover gets 1. Masters off the ropes, Cena ducks the head, and Masters lands a big kick. Masters off the ropes - Cena going for an F U, but Masters slides off and lands a huge clothesline. Cena knocked to the floor by the Masterpiece. Masters brings Cena back into the ring and lands a standing vertical suplex. Cover gets two. Masters calling for the Master Lock. Masters has one arm locked, but Cena is fighting to keep the other arm from getting locked in. Masters is very close now, but Cena runs towards the ropes and sends both himself and Masters to the outside.

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