WWE RAW Results (5/22): RVD-Cena, Heyman-ECW, D-X?, More!

We're back live as Cena is landing clothesline after clothesline. Masters sends Cena into the buckle but Cena gets his foot up. STFU out of nowhere and Masters taps.

WINNER: John Cena (6:15)

Cena celebrates with his belt in the ring.

**RVD's music hits**

Rob Van Dam walks down the aisle with the briefcase in hand! RVD slides in the ring and Cena is ready to fight.

RVD on the mic: What's up champ? In fact, savor the time you have with that title while I explain something. See I have a shot at the championship which is something that was not easy to come by. The only reason this came about was because I forced it - I won the money in the bank match at Wrestlemania. Otherwise, I would have never been awarded what I deserve. So I want to tell you something John. I'm not going to waste this opportunity where I will probably get screwed out of what I earned. Instead - I'd like to see this take place somewhere where I'm a lot more comfortable. Somewhere where the conditions work extremely well in my favor. I'm cashing in the Money in the Bank......June 11th at One Night Stand!

RVD throws down the briefcase and the mic. Cena gets in his face. RVD chants. Slap from RVD. And they are battling now! Back and forth with rights. RVD off the ropes and Cena lands a powerslam. Masters in the ring looking to hit Cena with the briefcase, but Cena gets rid of him. RVD with the briefcase - VAN DAMINATOR!! And RVD is getting booed. That sucks.

Carlito and Maria are in the back. Carlito is trying to get Maria to help him cheat in poker. He pulls an Ace of hearts from his afro. They walk into Snistky. Snitsky said he is hooking up with a showgirl. Maria thinks he sees her. Gene is pretty excited so he puts in a breathmint, rubs down the showgirl, and goes straight for the feet. Snitsky: "We can go see Kane's new movie See No Evil....I once killed his unborn fetus, but we're over that now." HAHAHA! Of course, Goldust is the showgirl.

Carlito: You know they say - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But that....is not cool. Snitsky was a funny dude during this segment.

Triple H in the back with sledgy. Shawn Michaels comes up from behind and wants to know why Triple H would apologize to Vince. Shawn says he always had respect for Triple H because up until now he always handled things like a man. Triple H says he does what he has to do. Shawn calls him a sellout and walks off.

Trevor Murdoch is in the ring on the mic.

Murdoch: The critics have made their choice. They saw Da Vinci Code. They saw See No Evil. And I'm pretty sure their pick for best leading actor will be Tom Hanks. That's for sure.....oh yes - that's for...


Kane makes his way to the ring.

Match 3: Kane vs. Trevor Murdoch

Kane hits the ring and pounds away on Murdoch. Murdoch fighting back now. Murdoch off the ropes with a knee chop. Kane with a GOOZLE and a chokeslam. That's all.

WINNER: Kane (:38)

Kane looks to leave, but he decides not to. Goozle on Murdoch again. And another chokeslam! The crowd chants ONE MORE TIME so Kane goes for another. Now he sets the ringposts on fire and laughs like a crazy man.

Kane's mask appears on the big screen as the lights flicker and we hear....

"You thought it was over on May 19th, Kane. This is only the beginning. This will never be over."

This Week in Wrestling History Scott Hall showed up at Monday Night Nitro and basically began the Monday Night Wars.

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