WWE RAW Results (5/22): RVD-Cena, Heyman-ECW, D-X?, More!

**Torrie Wilson's new music hits**

Torrie Wilson makes her way to the ring in skimpy hot little pink panties and a bra. She looked stunning. Her new music is "A Girl Like That" by Eleventh Hour.

**Mickie James' music hits**

And making her way to the ring from Richmond, Virginia - the WWE Women's Champion, Mickie James.

Match 4: Torrie Wilson vs. Mickie James

Lockup into a side headlock by Mickie. Torrie reverses it into a pinning combination for a two count. Torrie locks on her own side headlock. Mickie gets out of it and lands some jabs to Torrie's midsection. Mickie throws Torrie into the buckle, but Torrie leapfrogs the charging Mickie and lands a kick. Nearfall for Torrie. Mickie sends Torrie into the ropes and hotshots Torrie's breasts across the top rope. Mickie pounding the hell out of Torrie now. Spinning back kick by Mickie. And here comes the crazy ass DDT. And that's all.

WINNER: Mickie James (1:54)

Mickie celebrates with the belt in the ring.

**Trish's music hits to a huge reaction**

Trish Stratus appears from the back with a mic.

Trish: Relax, relax - you don't have to know about Beth Phoenix illegally attacking you anymore. She can do it legally now. Allow me to introduce to you the newest WWE Diva - your old friend and my new friend, Beth Phoenix!

Beth Phoenix comes from the crowd and pounds on Mickie. Mickie lands a shot to the midsection and takes off into the crowd. Beth chases after her and Trish blows a kiss.

King pimps the HBK-Spirit Squad handicap match.

Viscera is in the ring on the mic.

Vis: All right everybody listen up because Big Vis has some big news. Now, Lilian baby I know we've had our problems before in the past. But the world's largest love machine has come to realize that it is time to settle down. So you gonna bring your little sexy bottom in this ring or am I gonna have to come getchya? Come on baby - come on up in here. Real slow baby - real slow. Come on baby. Yeah that's it.

Lilian comes into the ring.

Vis: Now see Lilian the last time we were in Las Vegas.....

Lilian: Are you kidding me? The last time we were in Las Vegas you dumped me for a bunch of Godfather hos.

Vis: You're right baby - that's my bad and I'm sorry. But there's something I want to give you right now.

Viscera pulls something from his robe and it's a cheeseburger.

Vis: It's a cheeseburger baby. Listen if you go with me to one of those all-night chapels they have in Las Vegas I won't have to eat one of these everyday. I will get to come home to your home cooking every night. I'm a 500 pound man. I'm hungry and I'm horny. Lilian, will you marry me? Come on baby - say yes.

Armando Alejandro Estrada comes from the back with a mic to interrupt.

Estrada: Everybody listen....haha...to me. May name es Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrraaada! And congratulations to the happy couple. Hey, I'm sure your future children are going to give a lot of people a lot of nightmares. Pero Lilian - chica - before you give big Vis an answer es una problema. You see Big Vis may be como se dice hungry for some action. Pero unfortunately for you Viscera so es the Samoan Bulldozer....Uuuuuuuuuuumaaaaaaaaaaaaaga!

**Umaga's music hits**

Umaga makes his way to the ring. Vis attacks Umaga, but Umaga fights back now. Vis and Umaga exchanging right hands. Umaga gets his back slammed into the ring. Vis goes for a big charge at Umaga, but he moves and Vis runs into the ringpost. Huge kick to the face of Viscera. Vis is laying half in and half out of the ring. Umaga off the ropes and he lands a big headbutt. Umaga on the ring apron and he comes off with a shoulder block to Vis on the outside. Estrada calls for the thumb of destruction and GETS IT!

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