WWE RAW Results (5/22): RVD-Cena, Heyman-ECW, D-X?, More!

I'm not quite sure if I'm buying Umaga, but Estrada is money, cash, hos.

More See No Evil stuff.

Spirit Squad walks in the back. They run into Triple H. One of them tells him that when Mr. McMahon gives the signal he comes down and ends HBK once and for all. They ask Triple H to join in an "End of HBK" cheer, but he refuses.

- Spirit Squad came out for the main event. Squad flipped through the ropes into the ring. Shawn Michaels came to the ring with a chair in hand. J.R. said it could be the last time we see HBK wrestling in the ring. Before the match began, Vince came out. He told the referee to leave and take the chair. It will be interesting to see how this quarter hour does against the overtime period of Spurs-Mavericks Game Seven.

Kenny & Mikey & Nicky & Johnny & Mitch jumped HBK after the bell rang for an unofficial match. J.R. said Squad would be arrested for a mugging if this attack happened outside of the ring. Squad did the lift-up slam focusing on HBK's back. Johnny did a back flip onto HBK. Kenny played copy-cat. Vince looked on with a smile. Mitch dropped a leg to the throat. Squad hit a double-team suplex. Mikey dropped an elbow from the second rope. Squad got down on all knees to form a pyramid. Johnny ran off the pyramid for a corner splash. Mikey went for a chair shot, but HBK cut him off with a boot to the gut. He flipped a Squadster over the top rope head-first into the trampoline. Sweet spot. HBK made his comeback cleaning the ring. Vince gulped. HBK hit a top rope elbow drop. HBK hit successive Sweet Chin Music shots before Mikey caught HBK's knee with a sick chairshot as he went for a third SCM. Vince's confident smile returned. Squad worked on the left knee. They ripped off HBK's pant leg and worked on the exposed knee. "Triple H!" the fans chanted. "This is nothing but human torture," Ross said. Squad placed HBK's left knee inside a steel chair. Kenny hit his elevated dropkick directly onto the chair. Vince raised his arms in celebration. He took the mic and told Hunter to come out and finish the job. He told Hunter to bash HBK's skull.

Hunter walked out on stage. He slowly walked to the ring. Ross and Lawler were somber. Hunter stared into the crowd. He told Squad to hold up HBK. Kenny stole the hammer from Hunter, who took a while to warm up. Kenny said he would take care of it. Hunter stood in the way. Kenny backed up. He charged again. Hunter caught him with a spinebuster. The Squad fed Hunter for knock down punches. Hunter tossed Squad members out of the ring before hitting the Pedigree. Hunter ripped off his t-shirt as the crowd exploded. HBK writhed in pain in the corner holding his left knee. Vince wasn't pleased. The show closed with Hunter staring at Vince from the ring while Vince stared back. So much heat on this show-closing moment. Another great tease.

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