WWE RAW Results - July 31, 2006

RAW Results - 7/31/06 East Rutherford, New Jersey Report By: Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of the show as Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to Monday Night RAW at the sold out Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Tonight, we will see Shawn Michaels as he goes one on one with the undefeated Umaga. Also, well see the debut of Orton Knows Best, live here tonight.

In the arena:

The music of Shane McMahon hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring. Vinces music then hit as he joined Shane on his way to the ring. Both Shane and Vince look to be in a very good mood here tonight. Vince got on the mic and said despite recent events on RAW, you cant get the smile off his face. The reason is that his baby girl Stephanie gave birth to a baby girl. And just for the record, his granddaughter is far wealthier than anyone in this arena combined. Shane added she was far more intelligent as well. Vince said the celebrations will continue through SummerSlam. Vince said that SummerSlam is the biggest party of the summer, and he and Shane dedicate their tag team match to his granddaughter. Vince said he and Shane will team up at SummerSlam against D-Generation X. With that, the music of DX hit in the arena, but then it cut off. Shane said it was mind games, and that they should be focused on tonight because Shawn Michaels will have to survive the undefeated Umaga. DXs music then hit again but went off. Vince said that SummerSlam will see him and Shane defeat DX because there will be no place to run or hide. DXs music again hit as Shawn Michaels and Triple H made their way to the stage. Michaels took the mic and said they are not here to rain on the parade, and congratulations are in order, so as they used to say in the old country, Mazel tov. Triple H said they are not Jewish. Michaels said withstanding that they are not Jewish, there a number of things to be celebrated tonight. The fact that they have a match at SummerSlam, and it will be DX celebrating when its all over.

Michaels said it is his understanding that Triple H was in the very same hospital room just last week. It is also his understanding that one Triple H has acquired the entire McMahon family scrapbook. Triple H said its true, he has in his possession the McMahon family album, and there are some things hed like to share with us. He has the very first photo of Vince McMahon. You have to bare with him a bit, because they didnt have color way back then, and Civil war era photos dont hold up too well. A picture of a baby with Vinces head photo shopped on is shown on the Tron. Triple H said that was taken just before Vince started his first club, the Vince McMahon Wipe My Ass Club. Michaels then brings up the first picture of Shane, and its a baby Shane with a silver spoon in his mouth. Michaels said he danced and swung his umbilical chord when he popped out the womb. Triple H said that the whole world wants to see Vinces new granddaughter, and Triple H happens to have the first public photo of her. Triple H is then shown as a baby. Triple H that is one hell of a good looking kid. Shawn said she looks familiar but he cant put his finger on it. Shane cut them off and called them babies. Shane said that it will be them who are changing DXs diapers at SummerSlam. Triple H said that was a good one. Triple H said he has a bit of advice for their granddaughter. It covers her nutritional needs, because they have two words for ya&SUCK IT! Triple H picked the mic back up and said for production to hit their music. Vince said for them to play his music instead. Triple H told them to hit the button that says DX, and they did. DX did the crotch chop to pyro and then left.

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