Live Notes From Last Night’s Controversial TNA PPV

Before the pay per view, the match that I expected to be match of the night was the World Tag Title match. I was not disappointed. While the match was slightly under fifteen minutes, it was one of the best tag team matches that I have seen in TNA. There were a number of false finishes that made me think that there would be a title change. I really hope that there is another match between these two teams because I think they can have a better match.

I think the part of the crowd immediately behind the Spanish Announce Table did a great job to get the fans into the match from the time of the introductions through to the time that the Latin American Exchange went to the back. They even had Moody Jack involved in the chants, and it was probably the loudest that part of the Impact Zone had ever been.

About one-third of the way through Christians promo before the main event, I turned to a friend sitting near me and we both said Christian is going to turn. While it was a possibility that Christian would turn, that guaranteed the turn.

While I was on the edge of my seat due to the excitement of the tag title match due to the false finishes, when I watched the main event, it seemed like I was waiting for the inevitable turn by Christian. I did like the way that Steiner distracted the referee to keep him from getting back into the ring to make the count for Sting.

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