Live Notes From Last Night’s Controversial TNA PPV

Live Notes From Last Night’s Controversial TNA PPV
Thanks to Richard Trionofo of PWInsider for sending this in:

I was in attendance at the Hard Justice pay per view in Orlando, Florida and in addition to being a hot show, literally with the fire and figuratively with a strong pay per view; and here are my thoughts on the show.

It is obvious that the regular plans for the pay per view were shot as soon as they had to evacuate the building due to the fire. While there were no announcements in the building to inform people that it would be a short delay, TNA did as much as possible during the break to keep the people from leaving. I saw Eric Young, Cassidy Riley, Traci Brooks, The Naturals, Lance Hoyt, So Cal Val, and Shark Boy outside before they let everyone back inside.

After the pay per view restarted, I did not know what to expect, but I think they did a great job of presenting the best pay per view possible. The wrestlers did not let the fire and the resultant situation in the Impact Zone affect their performance.

I had heard some rumblings while waiting to get inside that Nash would not be wrestling and it worked out well that Alex Shelley was not in a match so he could fill in for the injured Nash.

I was surprised to see that they did a second pre-show match. They did not announce either Jimmy Jacobs or El Diablo. There were a number of fans who were familiar with Jacobs but it would have been nice to hear who Cassidy Riley and Sonjay Dutt were wrestling.

I had heard from a friend who was going to be involved in the Eric Young entrance so I expected something to happen, but I never expected that many people to walk around the ring.

It was definitely weird to see the fire extinguishers from the rafters. At first, I thought it might have been part of the storyline to help Eric Young get an advantage to win the match. From where I was sitting at the top of the bleachers, it seemed like I could actually taste the fire in my mouth. After it appeared the fire was out, it looked like a small fire broke out in the rafters immediately in front of me.

The Universal Studios Staff was good in making the evacuation of the building gradual and smooth.

If there was a way to make the fire appear surreal, having Earl Hebner come through the crowd and attack Slick Johnson seemed appropriate.

When we were let back into the Impact Zone, people were pretty good about getting back into the same seat they were in before the evacuation.

Jeremy Borash got on the mic and he joked that Eric Young needed anti-depressants because he thought he caused the fire. That was not the only time the fire was referenced. Christian cut a promo before the main event where he suggested that Jarrett started the fire so he would keep his title.

There was one strange moment when Borash was letting everyone in the Impact Zone know what was going on, only to see him on the video screen interviewing Alex Shelley.

I was glad to see the Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin match instead of Kevin Nash/Chris Sabin. I thought we would have seen Kevin Nash get involved in the match from ringside. I did not realize that a bad neck required a wheelchair. I wonder if Chris Sabin was supposed to win the match if Kevin Nash was able to wrestle.

James Mitchell showed last night why he is one of the best men on the mic in the business. In addition to getting the Abyss/Brother Runt match over, he built up the potential for a Raven/Abyss match in the future or a tag match involving the team of Brother Runt and Raven.

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