Chris Kanyon Comments On His 'Invasion' Of D-X

All that brings us to Friday, September 8, 2006 in Tampa, Florida. I decided to attend the show because I was frustrated with my inability to hear from Vince McMahon on whether what I had heard was true or not. If I found out from him that it was true, I would have to move on with my life. There would be no attempted lawsuits (I really don't believe in them) and I believe I would really have no hard feelings. I would just know it was my time to move on. Everything happens for a reason, and I would take this as a sign that there are other things for me to do out there. It would give me closure to a great chapter in my life.

On the other hand, if it is not true, I would like one more run. I miss wrestling in the WWE and I feel I still have something to offer. But, thus far, I have not heard from Vince. So I decided to bring 2 signs to the house show. "HHH, PLEASE ASK VINCE WHY HE REALLY FIRED ME" and since that really didn't let Vince know what I was thinking. "SHAWN PLEASE PRAY FOR MY GAY SOUL." I intentionally did not do this during the match out of respect to Shawn and HHH, since I would never want to distract from anyone's match.

So, during their INTRODUCTION, I went to ringside with the signs and HHH and Shawn both came to the rope on the side I was standing and acknowledged my presence, which was a show of class by them. Shawn nodded and gave me a thumbs up, I assume meaning he would, in fact, pray for me. HHH grabbed the mic and said something, almost inaudible, I think saying, "Who invited Kanyon?" Security ushered me out of the building, although I had paid for my ticket (the nice promoter for the WWE, Bret, did get tickets for my friends, but I bought my own ticket).

And that was that. Not a publicity ploy, as some will accuse. And it was definitely not an attempt to upset anyone or distract from the show (if I did that I am sorry). I do want to take this opportunity to personally apologize to WWE Security, Jimmy N. He is a great guy, always treated me well when I was with the WWE, and he does a great job. I am sorry if I upset him. In closing, I would like to say that what I did was just an attempt to get some answers so that I can move on with my life, get some closure or return to the national wrestling scene. The ball is in Vince's court. I really wish he would just let me know if I can still play the game again or not.

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