The Complete Story So Far On Kurt Angle/TNA

The Complete Story So Far On Kurt Angle/TNA
Well it has been 48 hours now since the announcement that has turned certainly TNA and perhaps the wrestling world on its ear. Kurt Angle, who just 6 weeks ago was a WWE superstar, and 6 months ago main evented Wrestlemania as World Champion has signed with TNA.

The announcement was made on air Sunday Night during the closing segment of TNAs pay per view event No Surrender by Jim Cornette in what was undoubtedly a huge surprise. Since then we have learned many, many details as to how all of this came about (and to TNAs credit they pulled this off with most everyone largely in the dark) and so we here at decided to try to do a wrap up so to speak. What we know now about the deal. When did it come about? Who was in the know? TNA President, Dixie Carters, reaction:

It began Sunday evening prior to No Surrender when word came out through, Dave Meltzer, that the surprise was not informed to TNAs talent roster and that the majority of them would find out live as the announcement would close the pay per view. It was revealed at this time that the person was believed to be away from the building in a hotel room and would be kept there until 9:30pm eastern time. That turned out to be false as Angle was (to our knowledge at this time) not in Orlando at all and was not at the show. Word starts to come out that some TNA talent were upset that they were not aware of who the surprise was. It was also rumored that those in the know had signed non disclosure confidentiality agreements so word would not be spread.

During the final segment of the No Surrender pay per view, Jim Cornette, announced a time switch for TNAs television program, iMPACT!, starting with a 2 hour November 16th broadcast at 9pm. Cornette then said that was his announcement, but this is the announcement, with that they cut to a video package of Kurt Angle announcing that the former WWE & World Champion was heading to the company. Immediately following, TNAs traffic on their website, was so great that the website went down. A splash page of Angle coming to TNA was put up and the site later returned with the video package from the pay per view.

Quickly after the pay per view went off the air, word started leaking about the details this last week that led to it all. It became apparent that Angles Mixed Martial Arts rumors was nothing but a smokescreen to hide his deal with TNA (around the time the MMA rumors came out is when TNA President, Dixie Carter, announced a huge surprise for No Surrender). It was revealed that the video clips that were show on No Surrender were actually shot late last week (rumored to be last Wednesday night at midnight) in a warehouse in Nashville Tennessee.

TNA hired local independent workers to come to the warehouse, set the ring up, sign confidentiality agreements and leave the building. Angle then arrived, did some promos, shot the scenes for the video package and left. The ring crew was then allowed back in the building to break the ring down.

Kurt Angles official website,, posted a statement about the deal and we learned that the TNA staff was not informed of the announcement until approx. 15 minutes before it aired on live pay per view. Those who knew in advance are believed to be TNA President Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Terry Taylor, Dave Sahadi, and a few others and all signed confidentiality agreements.

TNA then sent out a press release announcing Angles entry to the promotion,, put up several stories including TNA Superstar thoughts on the announcement and the following press release from TNA President Dixie Carter:

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