Alex Marshall sent this in: It appears that FOX 8 here in Australia have taken it upon themselves to edit out several pieces of ECW. To start with everytime the words "singapore cane" were mentioned "singapore" was edited out, I didn't understand the purpose of this at all. Also, when a replay or double feature of something violent was shown (eg. a chairshot) the screen would pause just before the impact and then resume after it had happened so that you don't see what happened. This was particulary annoying when they replayed Sandman caning Big Show several times in succession. And to top it off, the promo that Rene Dupree cut from the shower was edited out. This is most likely due to the fact that ECW airs at 2pm.

Smackdown lead writer Alex Greenfield gave his official notice two weeks ago. Greenfield had replaced Dave Lagana. Greenfield finishes up with the company on Wednesday.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that the Guerrero Family is putting together the first annual Eddie Guerrero Memorial Golf tournament on 10/21 in Tampa at the Summerfield Crossing Golf Course. For more information, you can contact Clyde Jensen at 813-610-6800. All proceeds go to the Riverview Boys and Girls Club and the Eddie Guerrero Memorial fund for Eddie's daughters.

Stocks closed the day at 16.36, a 0.30% decrease over yesterday's closing. The day's range was 16.10 - 16.43.

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