Source: The Wrestling Observer

TNA management has made the decision to offer Sting the same deal he has now for 2007. He hasn't decided as to whether he will stay or not, but he is expected to stay in the company. Sting's contract comes with hefty price tag, but the feeling is having his star power on the roster will accelerate the hoped for growth for TNA.

The general feeling is that Jim Cornette won't stay around in TNA much longer if Vince Russo stays. At first, he said he would stay out of loyalty to Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel, but by the time he got to Orlando for the PPV/Impact tapings two weeks ago, his mood turned for the worse during the car ride. He said he was quitting, but TNA told him that he couldn't quit. He eventually cooled off and for now, it looks like he'll be staying in TNA, but with a few stipulations; Russo can't talk to him, he can't have anything to do with his segments, and Russo can't be in the same room with him at any time. TNA agreed to this, but many feel its unworkable.

Several of the "fans" for the PPV lumberjack match between Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe were plants. One of the lumberjacks was "25 Cent", who is a regular on the Bubba the Love Sponge show.

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