Backstage News On The Future Of ECW, D-X To Take Over, More

Dave Scherer reports that starting soon the ECW brand will no longer be treated as a separate company but rather as the 3rd brand of the WWE. Little minor changes such as the women switching from being called Vixens to Divas and the males from Extremists to Superstars will take place. There has also been some discussion about removing the ECW logo from the screen and replacing it with the WWE logo. A lot of this is Kevin Dunn's doing. He thinks the fans are confused and don't realize that ECW is a part of the WWE and he says that's the reason for the low ratings. Also expect the product to be toned down a lot. Vince McMahon is not a fan of hardcore wrestling and he hated the RVD vs. Test match.

There are plans for DX to take over for a day very soon.

Tickets for the 2/18/07 No Way Out PPV in Los Angeles, CA go on sale Monday, October 16th.

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