DDP In New Snoop Dogg's Movie, ECW, Dusty Rhodes

DDP In New Snoop Dogg's Movie, ECW, Dusty Rhodes
Credit: PWInsider.com

An Australian version of the SciFi Network is scheduled to be on air by December 1st. There's no word yet as if it will be airing ECW.

Dusty Rhodes is confirmed to appear on the Friday November 3rd Northeast Wrestling Autumn Armaggedon event in Danbury, CT. For ticket details, visit www.NortheastWrestling.com.

DDP is one of the top billed actors for the upcoming horror film "Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror which is an urban-tinged nod to the old EC Comics horror anthologies. The film features Jason Alexander, Billy Dee Williams, and Ernie Hudson, among others too.

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