Beth Phoenix Update, Brooke 'Bad Girl' Hogan Pics, & More

Beth Phoenix Update, Brooke 'Bad Girl' Hogan Pics, & More
For people wondering as to whatever happened to Beth Phoenix, she recently won the OVW Women's Championship from Serena. Phoenix has long since recovered from her fractured mandible injury which required a titanium plate to be placed into her jaw. She's actually been healthy for over two months now as she's been regularly appearing on the OVW shows.

Hulk and Brooke Hogan will be appearing on ESPN2's Cold Pizza on Thursday morning. They will be there to promote the 10/22 season premiere of the third season of Hogan Knows Best.

Speaking of Brooke Hogan, several media outlets are saying that Prom Magazine has pulled her from a planned magazine cover due to concern over her recent FHM Magazine cover. Prom Magazine believes that the racy cover sends a bad message to teenage girls. However, Prom Magazine will still feature an article on Brooke's music career.

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