Wrestling to the network.

Deep South Wrestling, LLC (or DSW) is a professional wrestling promoter located in McDonough, Georgia. After Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), DSW is the secondary developmental territory sponsored by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where WWE-contracted wrestlers can train before they are promoted to the main roster.

"This deal will allow us to present wrestling from a whole new perspective," said Rob Stevens, VP of Programming. "We plan to feature the behind the scenes training techniques and personalities of the up and coming stars of wrestling. I don't think people realize the discipline and training that is required by these people in order to be successful. We're not only going to feature their matches, but we're going to show viewers how they prepared for them."

The first show from this series is slated to premiere on Wednesday evening, October 18th at 9pm.

MavTV is making tremendous strides with its distribution, having now signed 16 distribution deals with various cable providers. With new markets launching every month, MavTV is now in more than 55 markets.

About MavTV
MavTV is a 24-hour cable television network that puts an irreverent perspective on television content for men. MavTV airs both original and licensed series, targeting all themes relevant to men: insane sports, gaming, women, gadgets and men's information, and comedy. Content on MavTV is presented with an attitude unlike anything else seen on television, all from a male perspective. MavTV is a natural fit for enhancing the value proposition of digital sports tiers or expanded basic with a strong emphasis on sports and gaming in the product mix (50%); rounded out with a variety of other topics men are interested in (50%). Launched on October 1, 2004, the network is independently owned and operated. More information on MavTV can be found at mavtv.com.

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