Chris Jericho Talks TNA, Music, His Future, More

As a wrestler, Chris Jerichos favorite memory is becoming the first ever Undisputed World Champion, followed by his show-stealing match with HBK at WrestleMania 19. Despite a hectic schedule, he still manages to keep abreast of current storylines. He lists Samoa Joe and LAX as two of his top five performers in the business. And he was absolutely stunned when he heard the news that Kurt Angle was heading to TNA.

I think its amazing, Jericho told me. Its great for the business, for TNA and for Kurt. He needs to be the destroyer guy and not the cowboy hat guy, though.

Between acting, writing, touring, hosting television and radio shows, recording a new record in the studio with Fozzy, or working on a litany of other projects in the entertainment industry, Chris Jerichos work schedule is as full as ever. But hes enthusiastic because hes following his heart. He has broken down the walls of safety and constraint and has grown tenfold as a person because of it.

Does that mean the countless Jerichoholics who cheered him for all those years while he performed in the ring will never see him wrestle again?

The hundreds and hundreds of Jerichoholics have dwindled down to about 47 over the last year, he said. But there are 22 of them in Peoria alone, so Im huge there. I might have to return just for them!

If he does come back, will it be in a ring with four sides&or six?

Never Say Never Mr. Bond, he replies, shaken not stirred.

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