Hogan Note, ECW News, CM Punk, Brooke Hogan, & More

Hogan Note, ECW News, CM Punk, Brooke Hogan, & More
WWE has announced that they will be holding tryouts at the Continental Airlines Arena on December 28 starting at 3:00pm to 5:00pm. For those applying, the deadline for applying for the tryout is December 7th.

iTunes have started to sell the first season of Hogan Knows Best in their store. It is $11.99 for all 7 episodes and $1.99 for each episode.

At last mights ECW taping C.M. Punk was wearing a Fedor Emelianenko T-shirt backstage. There was a shot of him on WWE.com with Curtis Granderson of the Tigers wearing the shirt. Both Granderson Sean Casey and Joel Zumaya were backstage to meet WWE wrestlers before last night's game.

Brooke Hogan's debut album is being projected to do 30,000 to 40,000 sales this week. This was a good debuting week for Brooke and she will be in the charts. The belief within the industry is that she is getting novelty sales based off the huge publicity push and the TV show.

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