**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

John Stein sent the following results to PWInsider

I just got home from the Smackdown/ECW Show from the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, MO. Here are the results

Dark Match:

Brian Kendrick/Paul London def. KC James/Idol Stevens after London pinned James with a Dropsault

SmackDown Spoilers:

-Batista enters and calls out Finlay. Paul Heyman comes out with his security guards and tries to convince him to jump to ECW. Batista thinks about joining ECW and shakes Heyman's hand and then gives him a thumbs down and beats up Heyman's security guards. The Big Show and King Booker both attack. John Cena makes the save and him and Batista clear the ring.

-William Regal/Dave Taylor def. Bobby Lashley/Tatanka. Regal pinned Tatanka with his feet on the ropes. After the match, Tatanka decks the referee and attacks Lashley and lays him out on the floor.

-Kristal tries to interview Chris Benoit. Benoit spots Vickie Guerrero and talks to Vickie about how good of friends that Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were. Vickie says that Benoit wasn't as close to Eddie as he thought he was.

-MVP tells Theodore R. Long that he's sick with a intestinal virus and says that due to a clause in his contract he can take a sick day and opts out of his No-DQ match with Kane that was scheduled for later in the night. Mr. Kennedy comes in wanting a match with the Undertaker. Long says that the Undertaker isn't here and puts Mr. Kennedy in the no-DQ match against Kane.

-Vickie Guerrero warns Chavo Guerrero to stay away from Chris Benoit. Chavo says that he prefers to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

-Gregory Helms beat Matt Hardy after reversing a pin attempt into a crucifix and grabbing the ropes for leverage.

-Backstage, Ashley Missaro shows Paul London and Brian Kendrick her costume for the Trick Or Treat Divas Battle Royal for later in the evening. She is dressed in some costume with wings.

-Mr. Kennedy def. Kane in a No DQ match after MVP interfered and hit Kane with a chair.

-Backstage, John Cena gives Batista a pep talk.

-Chavo Guerrero and Vickie come out. Chavo talks about how they've been able to move on with their lives after Chavo made Rey Mysterio say "I Quit" last week. Chavo shows the clip of Mysterio saying "I Quit" several times. Chris Benoit comes out and Chavo and Vickie leave and walk to the back, leaving Benoit standing in the ring.

-Theodore R. Long comes out and makes Mr. Kennedy/MVP vs. Kane/The Undertaker for next week.

-The Trick or Treat Diva's Battle Royal is up: Jillian Hall comes out dressed as Elvis Michelle McCool comes out dressed as a nurse Kristal comes out dressed as a gold miner Ashley comes out in her winged costume Layla comes out dressed as a bunny The Miz introduces himself as the special guest referee. He helps Kristal win by pulling Layla off the apron.

-After the break Miz says he helped Kristal win because of what Layla did to him when he set him up with the fat stripper on his birthday. The Boogeyman comes out and The Miz pushes Kristal into the Boogeyman and runs away. The Boogeyman scares Kristal into laying on her back and The Boogeyman then uses his mouth to put worms into Kristal's mouth.

-Backstage, King Booker and The Big Show talk about the main event.

-John Cena/Batista def. King Booker/The Big Show after Batista pinned Booker with a Batista Bomb after the Big Show walked out on Booker.

The entire upper deck and the upper part of the camera side were all tarped off. The Cardinals being in the World Series seemed to really hurt ticket sales. The crowd that was there was hot all night.

During the William Regal/Dave Taylor vs. Tatanka/Bobby Lashley match, Taylor appeared to suffer some sort of right leg injury. It appeared to happen late in the match when Lashley threw Taylor into the corner. Lashley missed a charge and hit the post. Taylor limped back to his and Regal's corner. He hobbled to the back after the match, not able to put weight on it.

The crowd got pretty bored during the Hardcore Holly/Test match on ECW on Sci Fi. There were some "Boring," "TNA" and "Lets Go Cardinals" chants during that match.

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