WWE RAW announcer Jim Ross has updated his website with several new blogs. In one of the blogs, JR mentions that he does not have power to change the things people complain about to the readers who have been emailing him to change the product. He also states that his website is a personal website and that it is not a WWE website.

The Battle Creek Enquirer features an article on Rob Van Dam making his return to his hometown to perform an ECW event.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, and Jeanne Shaeen, Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics and former governor of New Hampshire, are the latest national figures to be featured in new podcasts in Smackdown Your Vote!'s continuing series, "The Nowinski Perspective" hosted by WWE Political Correspondent Chris Nowinski. The podcasts can be found at smackdownyourvote.com and on iTunes.

RAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia mingled with some of today's hottest Latin musical acts at last night's Latin Grammy Awards in New York City. Lilian's appearance is currently the headline story on WWE.com. Also, a photo of Lilian at the Latin Grammys appeared in today's New York Post's "Sports Extra Edition".

WWE.com has more photos of Melina and Johnny Nitro at the premiere party for Kevin Federline's new CD in Los Angeles on Halloween night. A photographer snapped some shots of the couple with Paris Hilton and Federline. However, there's one error with the photos because Melina is referred to as "Malena" in all the captions for the pics. Although, they got Johnny Nitro's name right. Melina shouldn't feel bad because John Cena was referred to as "Don Cena" on a local NY news broadcast a few weeks ago when they were talking about the release of The Marine.

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