JR Update, Steve Austin, Lawler Backstage News, & More

JR Update, Steve Austin, Lawler Backstage News, & More
wwejakksfigurefan sent this in ... I got a chance to meet Sid Vicious last weekend. He was telling me that he was interviewed for the upcoming release of WWE's "Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen" DVD. He also said that Luger, Dillon and Ole are also interviewed on there.

Jim Ross, as of several weeks ago, was working without a contract. He usually works for WWE with a contract, but has mutually opted to work without one. Jerry Lawler has worked without a contract for years.

The Condemned, starring Steve Austin, entered post-production on Oct. 19. They completed filming on Sept. 7. Lions Gate Films has picked up the distribution for a April 27, 2007. movie release date.

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