WrestleMania 23 News & Plans, Cyber Sunday, Maria, More

WrestleMania 23 News & Plans, Cyber Sunday, Maria, More
Credit: PWInsider.com

The ECW house shows scheduled in Danbury, CT and Utica, NY have been cancelled according to the respective venues.

Apparently fans could still vote on WWE.com for Cyber Sunday matches which had already ended.

Over the weekend, the Ottawa Sun featured an interview with WWE Diva Maria. Maria said that she's had offers to do Playboy since she was 19, but has turned them down because her sister is in High School and she doesn't want to cause her unhappiness. Maria also speaks on her relationship with ECWs CM Punk, doing the WWE Kiss Cam, and more.

WWE have already started to sell WWE WrestleMania 23 merchandise.

Reports suggest that we may see King Booker vs. Batista at WrestleMania 23.

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