Various Notes On Jindrak, Dusty Rhodes, & More Inside

On Saturday, WWE hall of famer Paul Orndorff will be doing a special autograph signing at Pro Wrestling World in Allentown, PA from noon to 1PM. Then, from 1 to 3PM, "Mr. Wonderful" will be doing a special wrestling seminar sponsored by the Leigh Valley Pro Wrestling Training Academy. Call 610-770-7314 if interested.

Also on Saturday, Dusty Rhodes will be doing a rare autograph signing at the Attack of the Baseball Cards in Union, NJ from 1 to 3PM. Autograph photos are $20, and "The American Dream" will sign your items for $15 each.

Former WWE superstar Mark Jindrak (Marco Corleone) has started a feud with Universo 2000 in Mexico. In a recent match, Corleone did a martinete (tombsone piledriver) on Universo for a DQ finish.

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