WWE RAW Results (11/13): New IC & Tag Team Champions!

WWE RAW Results (11/13): New IC & Tag Team Champions!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results Airdate: Monday, November 13th, 2006 Location: The Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England Results by Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com

It is time for the Raw brand to move on the road to Survivor Series. What will happen as members of the Raw brand join forces with people on Smackdown and ECW? Will we see any further build in the Umaga/John Cena feud? Will Randy Orton and Edge be able to win the tag titles after failing last week against Roddy Piper and Ric Flair? What fun things will Vince McMahon have in store for Degeneration X? Will any of the wrestlers from the United Kingdom do anything special or have anything happen to them? Will Carlito and Torrie Wilson spend some special time in the UK ? Will they mention that it is the anniversary of the passing of Eddie Guerrero?

We are live on tape from Manchester , England and your announcers are Jim Tea and Crumpets Ross and Jerry Man U Lawler.

We start off with Degeneration X coming to the ring and Hunter asks if everyone is ready. Hunter has a message for those in attendance and those at home since he does not have anything else funny to say because there is a lot of pressure. Hunter says that it is time to suck it. Shawn then says that they have two words if you are not down with them. Hunter says that he has a list and he is going to go through it. Vince McMahon: Check. Shane McMahon: Check. Eric Bischoff: Check. Hunter says that Eric Bischoff, or tea bag, is like all of those authority figures who thought they could tell DX what to do. It appears that Eric had his head up his ass. We go to footage from last week when Big Dick Johnson comes out to dance for Eric Bischoff. Shawn wants to see it again, but in slow motion. Shawn appears to be ill from watching that clip and Hunter asks if he is OK. Shawn says that he thinks he threw up in his mouth a little bit. Hunter says that just leaves Siegfried and Roy . . . Edge and Orton.

Hunter and Shawn are interrupted by Jonathan Coachman who comes out with a briefcase. Coach says that you can forget about Randy Orton and Edge tonight. Coach says that Edge and Orton are wrestling for the tag titles this week after Degeneration X screwed them out of the titles last week. Shawn interrupts Coach and says that he is going to go out on a limb that Coach is going to insure something. Maybe he will ban DX from the building. Hunter says that worked so well last week. Coach says it is the contrary of that. Degeneration X can hang around tonight, but he does not think they will be sticking around too long. Coach has made a bounty of 5200 pounds, or the equivalent of ten thousand buckaroos. Hunter wants to make sure that he heard Coach right and then he calls Coach a cheap bastard. They are not worth five thousand each and he suggests opening a lemonade stand or having a bake sale. Coach says that is plenty of money. Four of them will get a shot right now. Coach says that he is only concerned with getting a referee to come out.

Degeneration Xs opponents come out and it is Viscera, Charlie Haas, Lance Cade, and Trevor Murdoch come out as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Degeneration X versus Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Viscera, and Charlie Haas

Shawn with a shoulder tackle to Haas followed by a hip toss and side head lock. Haas backs Shawn into the corner and Cade tags in and he connects with a forearm to the back and shoulder in the corner. Michaels with chops to Cade in the corner. Cade charges into a boot in the corner. Cade with a kick after a blind tag from Murdoch. Cade with a reverse atomic drop to Michaels followed by a big boot from Murdoch. Murdoch with a forearm to the back and a slam before Murdoch goes up to the second turnbuckle. Murdoch comes off into a boot from Michaels and both men are down. Viscera tags in and Michaels avoids Viscera and follows that with a chop. Viscera with a Bossman slam and then he tags in Haas to make the cover. Haas punches Michaels and the referee admonishes Haas. Haas with a slam and then he picks Michaels up before kicking Shawn in the back and head. Haas gets a two count. Cade tags in and he kicks Michaels and he follows that with a back breaker for a two count. Cade works on Michaelss neck. Michaels and Cade exchange punches and Michaels with chops as he gets closer to his corner. Michaels with an enzuigiri and both men are down. Haas and Hunter tag in and Hunter punches Haas, Murdoch, and Cade. Hunter knocks Viscera off the apron. Hunter with a face buster to Cade and then he clotheslines Cade over the top rope to the floor. Hunter with a back body drop that sends Murdoch over the top rope. Hunter with a spinebuster to Haas and then Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music on Viscera and Viscera falls onto Cade and Murdoch. Hunter hits the Pedigree on Haas for the three count.

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