source: PWInsider

-- Popular Rapper The Game takes a shot at WWE RAW Superstar Triple H in a recent interview. WWE is currently in a legal battle with the Rapper to gain rights of The Game name. In the interview The Game was quoted as saying "Yeah, Triple H is tryin to sue me for "The Game." I think that we should just take it to Pay Per View and have a wrestling match, man, so I can f*** him up because I'm not into that whole play wrestling thing." He admits to being a pro wrestling fan growing up, but hasnt watched it since.

-- WWE continues its on-going lawsuit with The Ultimate Warriors parent company, Ultimate Creations Inc. Apparently on November 6th during a conference with United States Magistrate Judge Edward C. Voss, attorneys representing WWE pulled out of the conference and said attempts to settle were premature and futile at this point. The case was referred to Voss on October 26th.

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