Off Air Report From Yesterday’s RAW/ECW Tapings

R. McKay submitted the following report to PWInsider

Warning: The following report contains spoilers for tonights ECW on Sci Fi

Just thought I'd send in some notes from RAW last night.

First off the arena was officially a sellout last night but there were plenty of empty seats available to improve your view. Although the crowd was hot last night, a lot complained about the fact that they could not hear what was being said on the microphone or the big screen.

The night started with a video package highlighting WWE since Wrestlemania (technically the start of the wrestling calendar). Everyone on the package received a huge pop except john Cena, who got his usual mixed reaction.

Dark match before ECW was Doug Williams v Carlito. Doug Williams looked like an overweight Test when he came to the ring. Carlito is over in England. Everything he did; he got a huge cheer for but the pop when he came out it was electric (probably because he was the first star to come out). He won in about 2 minutes with the backcracker and then spat his apple in Williams face.

When Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay came out to ringside, fans behind the commentators were chanting "You can't wrestle" at was pretty funny!

Joey Styles was over when he came out; he got a huge pop and the crowd broke out into a huge "E-C_Dub" chant; it was cool.

ECW was a good show live; the crowd popped for Big Show's music but booed when he came out. When Paul Heyman announced who was going to be signing the contract for the Elimination Chamber; Holly got a huge boo but Lashley got a great pop for laying him out.

CM Punk v Mike Knox was a good match and the crowd were into Punk but most people had there eyes on Kelly! There were a lot of parents with there kids who have never WWE before so it was quite amusing to hear the gasps when he came out&our group were taking bets on how loud the gasps would have been if theyd have seen him wrestle.

It was disappointing for both the Dreamer-Daivari match and the ECW main event to end in DQ but WWE made up for it when Sabu and RVD ran out with CM Punk.

After the camera went off the air everyone went to the back while RVD and Lashley stood in the ring and played up to the crowd&I think it was a big mistake not having RVD on the show as he is over as well. Everyone loves him; the older fans love him and the kids worship him. The crowd was really hot for ECW and it was a great way to start the show but it will probably take away from SmackDown tonight!

Credit goes to the ring crew for changing the ropes and the ring apron&they must have taken all of about 90 seconds!

Lillian Garcia came out and sang the national anthem. She asked people to rise but no one did; it was quite funny in the differences in patriotism between the USA and England. Later in the show they aired a video package showing WWEs latest Rally the Troops campaign and its amazing to note that no one in Britain does that for our troops& WWE really needs to be commended for their commitment to fulfilling this.

JR and the King got huge pops when they came out to ringside and people were actually singing along to the RAW theme music as it played. RAWs pyro is so much more impressive live.

DX were well over when they came out, probably the biggest cheer of the night. HBK is more popular than Triple H, which was a little surprising. It didnt come off on TV too well but the crowd were well into their promo. As was the Arsehole chant for The Coach.

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