This past Mondays WWE RAW was Dusty Rhodes' in-ring Monday Night RAW debut.

Warehouse Music stores will have an exclusive Kane DVD, priced at $5. The DVD will be released the day as Kane's horror film "See No Evil" will be released on DVD. Featured matches for the DVD include: Kane vs. Shane McMahon (Unforgiven '03), Kane vs. Shawn Michaels (Unforgiven '04), Kane vs. Matt Hardy (SummerSlam '04), Kane vs. Edge (Vengenance '05) and Kane vs. The Undertaker in an Inferno Match (Unforgiven '98).

On November 27 the ECW stars are scheduled for a meet and greet at the James Brown Arena, Augusta, GA. Paul Heyman, The Big Show, Kelly Kelly, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk and Test are scheduled to be there.

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